FCB keep the spirit of Christmas alive


FC Británico377Win

After the festive break spent boozing heavily/Seeing loved ones/laughing at Pep Guardiola/ getting married without your team there, FCB were back in action this weekend in East Madrid looking to pick up 3 points and shed some Christmas timber in the process. Their opponents Chiquifru B started the game well and matched the Brits for intensity in the early stages of the game as Majid’s charges struggled to muster their trademark intensity on the small pitch Piruetas pitch.

Playing the ball forward quickly FCB went one nil up when a cross from the left was diverted into his own net by a panicked Fru defender, and then two nil to the good when the same player obliged again by putting past his own keeper in a similar manner, this time from a right-wing cross. Arguably fortunate to find themselves 2-0 up to two Michael Owen goals, the team in red seemed to wake up from their winter hibernation after twenty minutes and a flipflap that Ronaldinho at 80 years old and on Ketamine could still have done quicker remarkably fooled the defender marking Ed in the corner, the midfielder got to the byline and dug out a left-footed cross onto the increasingly effective head of his captain for 3-0. The talismanic front man did well to plant the ball out of the reach of the Fru keeper but celebrations were muted due to the pre-game announcement that he will be leaving the club for a chance to play for money in Australia in February. The rust shaken off and three goals to the good, it was time for a needed and deserved breather and some Majid inspiration. Rami did not disappoint. Having had an extended seasonal break, the gaffer cracked out some wise words he read on a piece of paper in his Christmas cracker and his men fairly sprinted back onto the field of play to carry out orders.

The fourth goal of the afternoon was a contender for goal of the season and one to warm the Christmas cockles of even Mr Scrooge himself. A long ball over the top towards Zak found its way to David on the right who cut the ball back on the run for Luigi on the edge of the Fru box.As the ball was already on his left foot the mercurial Venezuelan did not need a touch and controlled the volley off his taped up fluorescent boot over the keeper and into the corner without breaking stride. The fans who had braved the cold went wild (except Jordan who is crocked). This was the invitation for Rami to empty the bench and for the returning Tally to have a rest. It was also the point at which the mince pies, roast beef, ale and other traditional festive Spanish treats caught up with yellow-clad Fru. Their only opportunities coming through some poorly directed set plays. Goal number 5 came through a delightful ball from substitute Clement who was afforded all the time in the world to play David Kane through to lob the keeper. Cruise control now very much on, FCB were having shots from everywhere, and returning striker Dave Hughes did well to slide the ball beyond the keeper for number 6, and fresh from England Ish got on the scoresheet in the closing minutes to round off a convincing away win for the Brits.

Long distance quote of the match: Pete Curran,- Jordan – We’re 2 nil up both goals own goals, Pete – Who scored the goals, Jordan – Own, Pete – Michael?

Man of the Match: Ed Keith
Goal of the Match: Luigi Bosetti
Dick of the Day: Christian Thomsen
Quote of the Day: Rami quoting from some Disney film or other “I know it's not Christmas any more lads, but let’s go back out there and keep the spirit of Christmas alive!”


FC Británico

1Matthew Hutchinson Goalkeeper
2Andrew McLeod Midfielder
3Ricky Pearson Defender
4Dorus Leenaarts 15 Defender
5Christian Thomsen Defender
6Edmund Keith Defender
7David Kane Midfielder
8Josh Talbot 13 Midfielder
9Luigi Bosetti 14 Midfielder
10Zak Harry Midfielder
11Ismael Majid Midfielder
13David Hughes 8 Forward
14Clement Eke 9 Midfielder
15Jose Herrera 4 Midfielder
  5 5