Stag opens the scoring and finishes as a dog


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FC Británico de Madrid – English speaking football since 1972

Welcome to the home page of FC Británico de Madrid, the number 1 English speaking football club in Madrid since 1972. We have players from all over the world who come together to play football but speaking in English. All team talks, training and matches are in English and we have players with all different levels of English. Over the years, we can boast players from over 50 different countries. It’s not just about what happens on the football field, it’s also about what happens off it and we regularly hold social events including an end of season tour. The social side is as important as the football side!

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Where we stand

Tercera Regional | Group 15

11CDE Venezuala00000000
11CF Catedra00000000
11Sport Villa de Vallecas00000000
11Union Huaral00000000
11Unión Elipa00000000
16Atletico Vallecas200226-40
17FC Británico300309-90
18Los Olmos2002111-100

IFL Sala League | Group B

1FC Red Calm16131293435040
2Dutch Gold161213110476337
3FC Británico16102493603332
4Los Galácticos16101573442931
5Deportivo Catracho168087982-324
6La Real1614411790-7320
7The Void1412401085850
8Hardly Athletic159231050104-54

Madrid 7s

1Bar La Esquina15130255232639
2FC Británico15120390335736
3Consejo FC159153839-128
7Conache FC132563949-1011
8Bayërn de los Caídos1420122384-616