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FC Británico de Madrid – English speaking football since 1972

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Welcome to the home page of FC Británico de Madrid, the number 1 English speaking football club in Madrid since 1972. We have players from all over the world who come together to play football but speaking in English. All team talks, training and matches are in English and we have players with all different levels of English. Over the years, we can boast players from over 50 different countries. It’s not just about what happens on the football field, it’s also about what happens off it and we regularly hold social events including an end of season tour. The social side is as important as the football side!

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Where we stand

Tercera Regional | Group 15

2ACEF Mar Abierto33228389305974
3CD Unión el Parque342356100445674
4Nueva Castilla342347111436873
5FC Británico342239121665569
6Sport Villa de Vallecas34206898564266
7CF Catedra341561396831351
8SAD Altamira34163156778-1151
9Union Elipa341481275641150

IFL Sala League | Second Division

1O'Neills Utd1081166264025
2FC Británico1272373512223
3The Void126157062819
4FC Red Calm116145552319
5Hardly Athletic125257163817
6Estilo Brasileiro113174969-2010
7La Real1210113899-613

Madrid 7s

1Harraga United20172189355452
3FC Británico20121674403434
4Taberna Piedra Pinta20112765501532
5Gapoles FC2010193945-629
6Inter Argan209193551-1626
7Esfinter de Madrid2062125572-1719
8Bar La Esquina208395348518