Four changing rooms, four positions!


FC Británico233Win
AS Roma000Loss

FCB came out of the blocks with some great play, from the back (as fleck likes) Macca and Dorus were spreading the ball like Alonso. The opposition didn’t know what to do. They were resorting to theatrics as the referee seemed to think it was genuine. FCB didn’t care and let their football do the talking. The midfield were playing through the middle as the wings were like an Olympic swimming pool, despite flecks valiant effort prematch. Dave went off early with a tight hammy, must be his age showing. On comes tally in a return, relishing the challenge in midfield and winding up everyone around him, Ed went out wide to claim position number two. Before long the first goal came, some great play started from the back, as it should. Zak weights a ball beautifully through to Luigi who strikes home and continues his lethal goal streak. 1-0. Play continued as it had, Ed and Sean not getting the ball as much as normal, so they came inside and caused mayhem. Soon lovely ball from sean at the corner saw Zak direct it away from Andre the Giant in goal and into the net! 2-0. Into the changing room for half time.

The second half started well. Torrepista we’re trying to niggle away at the Brits but they held firm and refused to play their game, Ed had the boys laughing every time to show our complete lack of respect for their antics. Ben continued to pivot in the middle but was facing a bunch of bodies tighter than an AC/DC gig. Despite this, he was managing to play balls through for the attackers and there was an oddly high number of offsides blown, impossibly high. On comes Jordan for Pete. The man bravely turned up sick for an undermanned FCB. Ed goes to left back (position three). Then Clement and Mohammed on for Luigi and Ricky. Zak steps up to take. Free-kick for the home side and smashes it on target, the keeper spills and Mo pokes it in the net. 3-0. The away team frustrated with zero possession and a defence like the Great Wall of China became frustrated and started to lash out and moan even more. Es comes to centre back and makes it four positions. Near the conclusion of arguably his best game all season, Macca is taken out on the half way line in a clumsy tackle that left him unable to breathe. Seeing red, he got up when he could and Zak had to get him away. An inexplicable yellow given to him and not the striker in question. The match ends in a 3-0 victory for the Brits in horrible conditions and passions high.

Man of the Match: Macca, his fellow, deserving, Scotsman Sean in close second.
Dick of the Day: Zak Harry
Quote of the Day: “somos campeones en tu pías!” Tally, closely followed by “Those guys were drinking those drinks, you know WD40” Jordan Maston

FC Británico

22Josue Delgado Goalkeeper
2Peter Curran 15 Defender
3Ricky Pearson Defender
4Andrew McLeod Defender
5Dorus Leenaarts 12 Defender
6Edmund Keith Defender
7David Kane 13 Midfielder
8Ben Precious Midfielder
9Luigi Bosetti 14 Midfielder
10Zak Harry Midfielder
11Sean McBride Midfielder
13Josh Talbot 7 Midfielder
14Mohammed Hashlamon 9 Forward
15Clement Eke 2 Midfielder
  3 2 4

AS Roma