Rami Majid

Rami Majid

Position: FCB Bunwer Manager

Think – Jürgen Klopp

No one can compare to the man that is Rami. A manager who demands 100% (and more if you can, Jamie Redknapp) from his players. Partial to the odd (frequent) out-burst, Rami is not afraid to put across his feelings . Tactically astute, Rami also gives all players the freedom to express themselves on-field.



Lee Fletcher - Head Coach - FC Británico de MadridLee Fletcher

Position: FCB Bunwer Head Coach

Think: Rene Muelensteen

Rami’s right-hand man, and head coach, Lee is the ‘cool-headed’ one on the Británico’s bench. One of the club’s main assets, Lee is dedicated to improving both the players and himself through his coaching sessions and works tirelessly throughout the week for FCB. Even though he has retired from playing duties now, Lee still manages to live every moment on a Saturday morning as if he was playing himself, again proving his worth and value to both the players and FC Británico as a whole.