Paco has a speaker in hand, is dancing and trying to flirt with someone’s flatmate. Arren and Cal are drumming on the table, leading a rendition of Stand By Me. Mats – for some reason or other – is wearing ski goggles and is drinking Pastis from a baby’s bottle. Matthieu is smoking a cigar […]

CD Criollos

FC Británico

1Marco Luna Goalkeeper 68'
2Ramiro Pérez Toledo Defender
8Calum Cant 5 Midfielder
9Harry ‘Jax’ Newman 12 Forward 33', 65'
11Padraig Slane Midfielder 22'
13Rafael Perez 10 Defender
19Josh Emerson Defender
20Landon Green 18 Midfielder
23Mats Blyth 7 Midfielder
25Arren Sutfcliffe 3 Defender
32Will Sewell 16 Midfielder 49'
3Edmund Keith 25 Defender
5Andrew McLeod 8 Defender
7Mads Rasmussen 23 Forward 88'
10Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 13 Midfielder
12Karlos Wysom 9 Defender
16Luigi Bosetti 32 Midfielder
18Paco Garcia 20 Midfielder 101'
  6 2

Vocal fry, board-shorts, The Wellness Industry, those stupid ginger shots you can get from Pret that cost about £5: California has a lot to answer for. It has wreaked havoc on this world with its glitz, gloss and superficial charm. And, if it wasn’t for Brian Wilson’s ahead of its time genius in creating The […]

CD Unión el Parque

FC Británico

1Marco Luna Goalkeeper
4Arren Sutfcliffe Defender
7Mads Rasmussen 16 Forward
8Calum Cant Midfielder 79'
9Harry ‘Jax’ Newman Forward
15Gonzalo Yaya Defender
23Mats Blyth 10 Midfielder
24Yaron Bacher 19 Defender
25Josh Emerson 2 Defender 49'
26Landon Green Midfielder 79', 89'
32Will Sewell Midfielder 60'
2Ramiro Pérez Toledo 25 Defender
5Andrew McLeod Defender
10Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 23 Midfielder 89'
16Luigi Bosetti 7 Midfielder
18Paco Garcia Midfielder
19Rafael Perez 24 Defender
21Karlos Wysom Defender
  2 2 2

And on the seventh day they rose again. Under the lights and in an unfamiliar setting FCB pulled off a convincing performance to right the wrongs of the previous week. After a lot of discussion and soul searching after their loss to title challengers Canillejas, this was exactly what the FCB boys needed before going […]

Madrid Olimpo

FC Británico

3Edmund Keith 10 Defender
6Omar Majid Rodriguez 19 Defender 53'
8Calum Cant Midfielder 21'
9Harry ‘Jax’ Newman Forward 11', 73'
11Padraig Slane Midfielder 8', 15', 43'
13Rafael Perez 23 Defender
15Gonzalo Yaya 5 Defender
20Landon Green Midfielder
21Yaron Bacher 12 Defender
31Paco Garcia Goalkeeper
32Will Sewell 2 Midfielder
2Ramiro Pérez Toledo 32 Defender
5Andrew McLeod 15 Defender
10Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 3 Midfielder
12Karlos Wysom 21 Defender 87'
19Josh Emerson 6 Defender
23Mats Blyth 13 Midfielder
25Arren Sutfcliffe Defender
  6 3

The form side in the league since the start of the new year. Regularly putting five or six goals past their opponents and looking defensively sound. Refreshed after a much-needed winter break. Back in a title race when before it looked all but over…what a start to 2024 Arsenal are having! Considering their form in […]

FC Británico

1Marco Luna Goalkeeper
6Omar Majid Rodriguez 15 Defender
7Padraig Slane Midfielder 31', 32', 88'
8Calum Cant Midfielder
9Harry ‘Jax’ Newman 16 Forward 60'
19Josh Emerson 18 Defender
20Ismael Majid 12 Midfielder
21Yaron Bacher 13 Defender
23Mats Blyth 3 Midfielder
25Arren Sutfcliffe 10 Defender
32Will Sewell Midfielder 65'
3Edmund Keith 23 Defender
10Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 25 Midfielder
12Karlos Wysom 20 Defender
13Rafael Perez 21 Defender
15Gonzalo Yaya 6 Defender
16Luigi Bosetti 9 Midfielder
18Paco Garcia 19 Forward

SAD Altamira

‘Ollllllmos,olllllmos,ollllmmmossss’ rang from the terraces, the ref didn’t like us much either nor our own touchline for swathes of this game as britanicos navigated a trickier challenge than league positions suggested. Some were less surprised and had spotted an upturn in the form of Olmos, who represent a young improving side that will match most […]

Club de Atletismo Los Olmos

FC Británico

1Marco Luna Goalkeeper 89'
3Edmund Keith 16 Defender
4Arren Sutfcliffe Defender
6Omar Majid Rodriguez Defender 11'
10Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 25 Midfielder
11Padraig Slane Midfielder 65'
15Gonzalo Yaya Defender 30'
18Paco Garcia 26 Forward
21Karlos Wysom 17 Midfielder
24Yaron Bacher Defender 74'
32Will Sewell Midfielder
2Ramiro Pérez Toledo Defender
5Andrew McLeod Defender
17Dorus Leenaarts 21 Defender
12Joe Simmons Defender
16Luigi Bosetti 3 Midfielder 89'
25Josh Emerson 10 Defender
26Landon Green 18 Midfielder 89'
  2 6

An interesting aspect of this league, and a great testament to the many different communities that have found a home in Madrid, is that it is not completely unusual to have a game in which the two sides represent not their barrio, an old school or a local bar, but in fact an actual whole […]

FC Británico

31Paco Garcia Midfielder
4Arren Sutfcliffe Defender
6Omar Majid Rodriguez Defender
8Calum Cant Midfielder
9Harry ‘Jax’ Newman 3 Forward
10Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 19 Midfielder 37'
11Padraig Slane Midfielder 5', 83'
15Gonzalo Yaya Defender
20Ismael Majid Midfielder 88'
24Yaron Bacher Defender
32Will Sewell Midfielder 80'
3Edmund Keith 9 Defender
12Joe Simmons Defender
17Dorus Leenaarts Defender
19Rafael Perez 10 Defender
21Karlos Wysom Defender
16Luigi Bosetti Midfielder
  2 4

CDE Venezuala

6 2

FCB Britanicos were hoping to keep up recent momentum as they traveled deep into the barrio for a game under the lights against Polilingo San Blas B on Sunday. They were greeted upon arrival by the strong scent of Lady Mary J and heavy bachata music and they suddenly knew they weren’t in Kansas La […]

Poligono H San Blas

FC Británico

3Edmund Keith 20 Defender
4Arren Sutfcliffe Defender 46'
8Calum Cant Midfielder
9Harry ‘Jax’ Newman 18 Forward 44', 50'
11Padraig Slane Midfielder 54'
12Yaron Bacher Defender
19Rafael Perez 15 Defender
22Blake Belch 17 Goalkeeper 82'
23Mats Blyth Midfielder 77', 80'
25Josh Emerson Defender 4'
32Will Sewell Midfielder
12Joe Simmons Defender
15Gonzalo Yaya 19 Defender
16Luigi Bosetti Midfielder
17Dorus Leenaarts 22 Defender
18Paco Garcia 9 Midfielder
20Ismael Majid 21 Midfielder
21Karlos Wysom 20 Midfielder
  7 1

On one of those days that remind the players why they live in Madrid, FC Britanico took to the pitch in Las Cocheras to rack up another dub and look good while doing it. As the starting XI got the match underway in ‘t-shirt weather conditions’ the big question among the substitutes was if anyone […]

FC Británico

1Marco Luna Goalkeeper
6Omar Majid Rodriguez 19 Defender
8Calum Cant 10 Midfielder 53'
9Harry ‘Jax’ Newman Forward 36', 76'
11Padraig Slane Midfielder 10', 88'
12Arren Sutfcliffe Defender
20Ismael Majid 21 Midfielder
23Mats Blyth 3 Midfielder
24Yaron Bacher Defender
25Josh Emerson 17 Defender
32Will Sewell Midfielder 17'
3Edmund Keith 23 Defender
4Joe Simmons Defender
10Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 8 Midfielder
17Dorus Leenaarts 25 Defender
19Rafael Perez 6 Defender
21Karlos Wysom 20 Defender
  4 2

Atletico Vallecas

Fines continue to reap havoc, particularly in the Majid family who were all at sea with the Sunday early meet time. Rami couldn’t park; The water bottles were locked in the Omar’s car; 2 rogue high value bottles arrived late with Ish and the adopted member of the family H had his mind firmly on […]

Sporting Valdebernardo

FC Británico

1Marco Luna Goalkeeper
3Edmund Keith 21 Defender
4Arren Sutfcliffe Defender
8Calum Cant 2 Midfielder
9Harry ‘Jax’ Newman Forward 14', 35', 61'
11Padraig Slane Midfielder 19', 28', 75', 85'
18Paco Garcia 5 Midfielder 9'
20Ismael Majid Midfielder
23Mats Blyth 10 Midfielder
24Yaron Bacher Defender
32Will Sewell Midfielder
2Ramiro Pérez Toledo 8 Defender
5Andrew McLeod 18 Defender
10Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 23 Midfielder
12Joe Simmons Defender
21Karlos Wysom 3 Midfielder

Fines are back. The hierarchy have spoken and fines are back. Standards have dropped and results have been poor so fines are back. FC Britanico beat fellow promotion contenders Criollos four-nil in what is undoubtedly their best performance of the season. Fines are here to stay. The promise of the new year bringing a new […]

FC Británico

CD Criollos