FCB make hard work of Chiquifru


FC Británico233Win

The final game for midfielder Tarek began in a frustrating way for FCB. FCB had the lion’s share of possession and couldn’t do much with it. The play progressed in a remarkably repetitive way. Chiquifru played the long ball due to high pressure from FCB and the centre backs swept the ball to the full backs, who then proceeded to start an attack. This cycle continued until Andy passed inside to Tally, a quick lay off saw Calum come in with a great strike outside the box, 1-0 FCB. Again the cycle continued until Zak pounced on a defender with the ball and relieved him of possession only to follow through and score by slotting it in the bottom corner 2-0. Both defences were doing well, no complacency crept in for FCB and Chiquifru held out despite enormous pressure.


After a half time hair dryer treatment FCB came out and wanted to put more goals in. The defence continued sweeping and moving the ball up the pitch, Rama showing great timing and tackling when the long ball was played and tracked his men well. Alex, Ed and Andy were not put under too much pressure and dealt easily with the attacks. The midfield continued to be patient and looked for a gap, more risks were taken looking for the penetration we had looked likely to get something from our effort. However, it was not to be. Rami was dejected on the side lines and Fleck was rather quiet. The stark contrast of a roaring Tally on the pitch. Andy was taken off for Alexis, Pedro for Alvaro and Tarek for Luigi. Some great play put FCB in the box and Zak was brought down in the area. Seeing as it was Tarek’s last game Zak stepped aside and let the honour fall to him. Tarek calmly put the ball in the net and left his final game with a goal. 3-0.

Man of the Match: Ramiro Perez Toledo
Goal of the Match: Calum Cant
Dick of the Day: Ismael Majid