Back in the fight


Bar Castilla’s111Loss
FC Británico022Win

A sunny yet chilly morning saw the boys in red visiting Coslada for another derby against fluorescent rivals Bar Castilla’s. Normally, these games are filled with tension and a fair share of shithousery, and this one would have plenty.

As it has become usual for FCB this season the lineup featured some new faces, forcing the players to go from “nice to meet you” to “man on!” in a matter of minutes. “Big Mouth” Jorge was on goal, defended by a back four featuring “Zebra Boots” Lara on the left, Theodorus Marius Somethingelseus alongside slide tackle enthusiast Gonzalo as centre backs and Scotsman Aaron on the right. Midfield consisted of fans’ favourite Fab, alongside compulsive phone misplacer Calum in the centre, flanked by longtime Brit Alejandro and Ish “the nice Majid”. Up top, “Gin Lover” Lewis was accompanied by He Who Must Not Be Named.

The tone of the match was set by Gonzalo in the first play of the game when he recklessly slide tackled an opposition player and earned himself a yellow card. You’d think this would make the tall defender cut back on the sliding. Far from it. Instead, he started to time them better, resulting in cheers from the away bench and very bloody shorts at half-time.

As a result of this new defensive lineup, FCB struggled in the first half. Midfielders were unable to control Castilla’s playmaker, who continuously played long balls behind a high defensive line, wreaking havoc in Jorge’s box. On one of these runs, the least successful of the Negredo brothers dribbled around two defenders to assist his teammate, who put the ball past the FCB keeper to open the score. As a result, the boys were 1-0 down at halftime.

It was fair, as Majid’s men had only a couple of chances they couldn’t resolve and the home team simply remained compact, found a way to break the red defence and exploited it. Despite the result was negative, the manager gave an encouraging speech, and the players went back on the pitch in good spirits and concentrated.

The second half would present a very different scenario, as the Brits started controlling possession and occupied spaces well in defence, with the 10 field players putting in the effort. Gradually, FCB gained full control of the game and created no less than 3 chances that would have tied the game if not for the goalkeepers’ good saves.

Finally, hard work paid off as Ish dribbled into the box and took a shot which was parried by the goalie only to land back at his feet, and this time it would go straight to the back of the net for a well-deserved goal. After the equaliser, the general feeling was that FCB could win the game as the home team seemed lost and tired, and FCB continued to defend well and attack fiercely.

That was when Dom, who had jumped on the pitch to replace Alejandro minutes earlier, took what seemed like a harmless shot at goal. The home goalie, who had saved his goal numerous times, made a rookie mistake and greeted the ball on the bounce with his legs open. This proved fatal, as the ball slipped from his embrace and through his legs, and slowly but surely rolled into the goal to make the score 1-2. Madness ensued on the sideline, as the Reds turned the game around and kept the league dream alive.

After this goal, football ended and shithousery began. Theodorus had a personal duel with the opposition’s entire attacking section throughout the game, and it ended up with pushing, name calling and even a couple of punches thrown by some very frustrated fluorescent players one of which earned a well-deserved red card.

In the end, the score would not change and the boys in red face the second round of Clausura games with one aim and one aim only, winning the league for the first time.

Man of the Match: Ismael Majid
Goal of the Match: Ismael Majid

Bar Castilla’s

FC Británico

1Jorge Pires Goalkeeper
2Aaron Hamilton Defender
4Gonzalo Yaya Defender
5Dorus Leenaarts Defender
17Daniel Lara 3 Defender
6Fabian Amdal Åsland Midfielder
7Ismael Majid Midfielder
8Alejandro Gonzalez Puente 12 Midfielder
9Lewis Jones Forward
10Calum Cant Midfielder
11Alejandro ‘Vico’ Sanchez Midfielder
12Dominic Johnson 8 Forward
3Edmund Keith 17 Midfielder
13Andrew McLeod Defender
15Josh Marchant Midfielder
16Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo Defender
18Luigi Bosetti Midfielder
14Michael Tait Defender
  2 1