The late captain puts on a show


AD Carrozas011Loss
FC Británico344Win

After a comfortable home win against league strugglers Animales, it was time for FC Británicos to focus on the upcoming clash against top-four rivals, AD Carrozas. With expectations high in the squad, nothing short of a victory was expected, however, the team took an early blow as Goalkeeper Jorge Pires was left in charge of the pre-match music. The home side for the day confused FCB for a child’s birthday party as a remix of ´I’m Blue´ was blasted from the away dressing room. Nevertheless, with a full-strength squad and kick-off approaching, nothing could take away the focus of the players. That is until five minutes before kick-off, both our captain for the day, Calum Cant and his private chauffeur Craig Brignall had still not arrived. Inevitably, both did arrive in the nick of time, both full of energy and not a hangover in sight. More or less.

From kick-off, both sides enjoyed passages of play without many opportunities materialising, neither side could get a foothold of the match, until a dangerous counter-attack from the home team exploited a gap in the Británicos defence, that is until self-proclaimed hard-man of the team, Jimmy Jones, put a halt to proceedings, picking up an early yellow card in the process. After a change in defence and intimidation tactics in full flow, FCB started to control the game, and it wasn´t before long until we saw our opening goal. Lewis Jones created the opportunity with a lovely weighted pass to Captain Calum Cant who made a dedicated delicious dart from midfield and finished fantastically.

It was not long until the red men got their second of the game. Calum Cant now in full flow capitalised on some poor AD Carrozas, who for the most part had put in a gutsy performance at the back, now found a way through and squared the ball to John Jarrat, a striker known for his goal mouth instincts, although, confusion was clear on the face of John, who was unsure if he was within his 5 yard range of goal, anything further is out of his territory. Luckily for the striker, the goalkeeper did whatever he could to keep the Tap-in Kings reputation intact.

FC Británicos looked comfortable, for a minute or so. Until players from all over the pitch began to get themselves in conversations with the referee and gave away cheap fouls in dangerous positions. With halftime approaching, AD Carrozas sent bodies forward beating the offside trap as a loose man found space to head the ball forward into the path to an oncoming player, who had clearly been taking lessons from Británicos own Andrew McLeod, as he executed the Russian walk perfectly into Jorge Pires´s chest, as the ball rolled in to make the score 2-1 at half time.

The second half began with the home side attempting to play the ball long, as the Spanish sunshine blinded the back three of FC Británicos. This approach was not successful and it was not long until FCB scored a third. Calum Cant involved yet again, proving to all that a warm-up is not vital to a good performance, as he struck the ball from around 35 yards out, lobbing the 6ft 7in goalkeeper in the process. He really was!

With the game now in favour of a comfortable FC Británico’s side, the home team began to employ dirty tactics, a late tackle on Edmund Keith, resulted in the wing-back needing medical assistance. A source close to the club was quoted in saying that the screams of Ed had been heard in both Manzanares and Vallecas.

Both sides now had made multiple changes with Dominic Johnson entering the field for FCB, making an immediate impact, squaring the ball to Alejandro Sanchez, who finished comfortably. Little happened after the fourth goal went in, it is no surprise, as Jimmy Jones had left the field to get an early shower.

Man of the Match: Calum Cant
Goal of the Match: Calum Cant (that lob)

AD Carrozas


FC Británico

1Jorge Pires Goalkeeper
2Edmund Keith 13 Midfielder
3Craig Brignall 14 Defender
4Dorus Leenaarts 16 Defender
5Jimmy Jones 12 Defender
7Max Ribbens 17 Midfielder
8Calum Cant Midfielder
9Lewis Jones Forward
10Alejandro ‘Vico’ Sanchez 18 Midfielder
11John Jarrett 15 Forward
12Michael Paule-Carres 5 Defender
13Joe Simmons 2 Forward
14Luigi Bosetti 3 Midfielder
15Dominic Johnson 11 Forward
16Andrew McLeod 4 Defender
18Josh Marchant 10 Midfielder
17Jose Maria Rios 7 Midfielder
  4 1 5