FC Británico de Madrid v A.A.P.L.A


DateTimeLeagueSeasonFull Time
6th May 201711:00Liga Bunwer (Clausura)2016-201790'


FC Británico355Win


FCB started the game with aggression and purpose. Dave was getting in behind the defence with ease and sean was causing problems by cutting inside. It was a great start by the whole team. It didn’t take long for sean and Dave to link up and bang, 1-0. FCB kept up the pressure and soon enough te second came when joe set up Luigi. 2-0. The drills of the week paying off, fleck had worked us on getting in behind and that’s exactly what we did. Dave then set up joe who bagged a well-deserved goal. 3-0. The game began to fizzle out at this point. The boys settling down and AAPLA couldn’t capitalise due to the stead fast back four with their lord commander in net.

Half time 3-0

The sun was heating up and a bench full of FCB subs were choking to get in on the action. The back line was holding firm and a free kick was given in a bag spot. AAPLA struck the ball and hutch collected, only to be fooled by the pitch rolling up into his arms and then all spilled, a gambling striker out the ball in and it was 3-1. Sam came on for Luigi and gave a bit more pace to proceedings, we were deftly denied by the bar. Tally struck the upright (much to Fleck’s relief, he would never have stopped talking about it). Both posts were struck and you’d think that the law of averages would mean that some of these would go in, but sadly it was not to be. Joe came off for Callum and Foxy on for Tally. Macca came on for Dorus, whom had a stalwart performance. Refreshed and attacking Dave broke and slotted Sam in for a good goal, 4-1. Two mins later Foxy made it 5 through good work from Eddie. 5-1. The smiling assassin that is Foxy managed to p*sh off the keeper whom was adamant that they should fight, but Foxy is too classy for that stuff, smiling he walked away from it.
Full-time 5-1.

MOTM- Ricky Pearson
Quote of the match – Ricky Pearson “f*ck off you fat prick”
Miss of the match no longer in association with Chris Parker (According to Rami) – Luigi (no surprise there)

FC Británico

1Matthew Hutchinson Goalkeeper
2Dorus Leenaarts 14 Defender
3Edmund Keith Defender
4Ricky Pearson Defender
5Ramiro Pérez Toledo Defender
6Josh Talbot 12 Midfielder
7David Kane Midfielder 6'
8Luigi Bosetti 13 Midfielder 26'
9Joe Simmons 15 Midfielder 36'
10Ben Precious Midfielder
11Sean McBride 16
12Andrew Fox 6 Midfielder 74'
13Calum McKenzie 8 Defender
14Andrew McLeod 2 Midfielder
15Sam Reid 9 Forward 84'
16Erkan Dikenlj 11 Midfielder
  5 5


1 2
Yellow Cards
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Nuestra Señora de la Torre
Calle Puerto de Reinosa, 4, 28031 Madrid, España