FC Británico de Madrid v Animales


DateTimeLeagueSeasonFull Time
8th October 201609:00Liga Bunwer (Apertura)2016-201790'


FC Británico344Win


FCB started the game on a high from a fantastic display the previous weekend. The lads were up for it and knew they had to come out firing…. and they did just that. The back three were comfortable on the ball and spread into midfield at will. Flecky’s dream of having a formidable back three was coming into fruition. Macca, Christian and Rama were impenetrable. The midfield were causing trouble wherever they went. Ricky was like a yo-yo up and down the right and Sean was dribbling like he had superglue on his boots. Fab was doing what Fab does best, breaking up the opposition attack. Ed was looking to impress in centre mid and was rock solid. Luigi, Zak and Foxy (a defence’s worst nightmare) were looking on fine form.

FCB were hamming from the start and looked hungry, the first goal came with little time gone, Zak does some trickery on the edge of the box and foxy calmly puts it in the bottom corner. 1-0.

The second came not long after when Fab put the ball across the box and found Zak who directs it towards the back of the net.

Ed tweaks his groin, plays on and then gets clattered by a stocky player (who would give Macca a run for his money). He goes off and can hold his head high. On comes Dom and Luigi moves back to midfield.

The back line were playing so high and continuing to find those pockets in behind, another goal was not far ahead. Fleck even had to rein in Macca who was venturing farther forward.

Zak beats a man on the right and cuts in, as soon as his body shape changes we know where it’s going, top bin! 3-0.

Half time 3-0

The second half was rather dull by comparison, maintaining that tempo and intensity is impossible. With half an hour to go Macca and Luigi are taken off for Jordan and Jose respectively. Play continues and then Animales have a break, a handball in the box from Jordan and they have a penalty. Josue, who has had nothing to do all game, puts his serious face on (a rare sight indeed). The taker hits the post and Jordan begins to breathe again, safe in the knowledge that Rami won’t give him a gruesome after-game bollocking. On comes Pete to add some Scottish skills to proceedings and Ricky comes off safe in the knowledge he’d had a good game.

Dom gets the ball in the middle of the park and slots Sean through, the winger breezes past the defence and finishes the move 4-0 (sadly no slap for Zak this time). The domination continues and some nice play is seen.

The whistle blows and a great performance comes to an end. All the boys can hold their heads high knowing that a formidable opponent was outclassed.

Man of the match: Ramiro Perez Toledo/Sean McBride
Goal of the match: Zak Harry
Miss of the match no longer in association with Chris Parker: Dick Jenkins
Moment of the match: Jordan ‘Second Goalkeeper’ Maston
Quote of the match: “I don’t care of you talk sh*t, but talk boys!” – Ricky Pearson

FC Británico

22Josue Delgado Goalkeeper
2Andrew McLeod 15 Defender
3Ramiro Pérez Toledo Defender
4Edmund Keith 13 Midfielder
5Christian Thomsen Defender
6Fabian Amdal Åsland Midfielder
7Ricky Pearson 14 Midfielder
8Luigi Bosetti 16 Midfielder
9Andrew Fox 12 Forward
10Zak Harry Midfielder
11Sean McBride Defender
12Peter Curran 9 Defender
13Dominic Ward 4 Forward
16Dick Jenkins 8 Defender
15Jose Herrera 2 Midfielder
  4 3


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Nuestra Señora de la Torre
Calle Puerto de Reinosa, 4, 28031 Madrid, España