Brits blow up on bonfire night


FC Británico000Loss
AFEN – Fraher111Win

FCB started unbeaten and feeling good, the aggressive play from the opposition was what was expected and dealt with, to begin with. The defence started as normal in recent weeks, with three. However, soon the tactics changed due to the speed of the striker no9, which was anticipated, but not dealt with easily. The formation changed to four at the back, fireworks were soon to follow. A few times the 9 broke past the defence and caused trouble, but he wasn’t handled and broke the deadlock 0-1, he succeeded where Guy Fawkes failed. The fuse was lit. FCB worked like a Roman candle, great energy but no accuracy. Passing was sloppy and it wasn’t going their way. A lacklustre performance describes the first half and FCB go trailing into the break.

Half time 0-1

FCB started well in the second half, could Fleck strategise his way out of this gunpowder plot? Foxy off for Ish who was back for the weekend and wanted to prove a point. The defence kept the opposition quiet, but this wouldn’t matter if they could find the net like 13 plotters in the basement of parliament. The chat was low on the pitch, Ricky would be ashamed. Shouts from the touch line tried to get it going but to no avail. Rami was stuck to asking others to shout for him as he had no voice that day, the normally explosive man was more like a sparkler, seen and not heard. Dave looked dangerous, but he got the ball few and far between and couldn’t quite find the target. Luigi off for Jose and Curran on for Alberto. The last twenty were dramatic. Ed must have felt likes rocket going through all the positions, defence, midfield, defence. Ben suffered an ankle injury, hopefully it’s a short one, and Cristophe comes on. The frantic nature carried on and FCB hit the bar through Zak, and came close through Ish and Dave but, it was not to be. The final whistle goes and FCB suffer a loss of points.

Man of the Match: Ramiro Perez Toledo
Goal of the Match: The opposition number 9
Dick of the Day: Too many to mention
Quote of the Day: It's more of an action: Rami punches the roof off the dug out, actions speak louder than words.

FC Británico

22Josue Delgado Goalkeeper
2Ramiro Pérez Toledo Defender
3Edmund Keith Defender
4Ben Precious Midfielder
5Christian Thomsen Defender
6Alberto Niño Valdehita 14 Defender
7Ricky Pearson Defender
8David Kane Midfielder
9Andrew Fox 16 Midfielder
10Zak Harry Midfielder
11Luigi Bosetti 17 Midfielder
12Jose Herrera Midfielder
14Peter Curran 6 Defender
15Andrew McLeod Defender
16Ismael Majid 9 Midfielder
17Christoph Kain 11 Midfielder

AFEN – Fraher