Unbent, Unbroken, Undefeated!


AS Roma000Loss
FC Británico488Win

The Británico boys once again demonstrate their masterclass in defending and clinical striking force to punish Torrepista and complete the first half of the league with their 16th consecutive win.

As you walked into the changing rooms before the game you could feel the tension as coach Rami laid into the boys, letting them know that this would be one of the toughest games of the season. The high moral from being crowned champions was turned into deadly focus and the boys were ready to go.

The first ten minutes of the game were slow and controlled by the Británico boys who held the majority of possession to work their way through the Torrepista defence. The first goal came after 15 minutes, with a fantastic through ball by Lewis being converted through a cheeky dink by John. 10 minutes later, Lewis scored the second of the game with a nice turn on the edge of the area and a cool, calm strike to send it home.

It didn’t long for a third to appear as marvellous play from Lewis within the box demonstrated his want for team goals as he set it up on a plate for Vico to simply tap it in. After another ten minutes of total domination both offensively and defensively the fourth goal came through a bullet from the edge of the box from Joe who was dying to get his name on the scoresheet.

It fell to high fives just be for halftime as the fifth goal was scored by Luigi, who caught the keeper off his line and struck it home into the top corner from 20 yards out.

After half time it took the boys a little bit longer to produce offensively, however, this was due to genius play in the midfield by Luismi, Fabian and Vico, who controlled the middle third and created the passing lanes. Well, let’s talk about six baby because the stunning sixth came fifteen minutes into the second half with a superb goal from Vico lodging itself over the goalie’s head. The seventh goal came just seven minutes later as another brilliant pass from Vico help set up Lewis’ juggling act on the line which he tapped in home putting him with two assists and two goals.

The Británico boys finished on eight goals to show Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit as a wonderful pass from Ed to Joe Price who quickly slotted it through to Callum, who passed the ball into the net, shows the British, Welsh and Irish connection has never been stronger.

So, after another dominating performance, the Britanico’s effortlessly demonstrated their determination to win, their efficiency in front of goal, their defensive class run by Macca at the back and their unwavering wan to progress as champions of the league.

Well played lads.

By Jack Cooke 

Man of the Match: Lewis, LuisMi, Fabian
Goal of the Match: Luigi Bosetti (his first as a married man)

AS Roma

FC Británico

1Jorge Pires Goalkeeper
2Joe Simmons 15 Forward 37'
3Luigi Bosetti Midfielder 43'
4Andrew McLeod 17 Defender
5Jimmy Jones 14 Defender
6Fabian Amdal Åsland Midfielder
7Lewis Jones 12 Forward 24', 65'
14', 28'
8Luis Miguel Del Risco Torres 13 Midfielder
9John Jarrett Forward 14'
10Alejandro ‘Vico’ Sanchez 18 Midfielder 28', 57'
11Calum Cant 16 Midfielder
12Callum McCloskey 7 Forward 77'
13Joe ‘Con Limón’ Price 8 Midfielder 77'
14Josh Glean 5 Defender
15Edmund Keith 2 Midfielder
16Josh Marchant 11 Midfielder
17Gonzalo Yaya 4 Defender
18Jack Cooke 10 Midfielder
  8 4