Double double in Getafe


AD Carrozas011Loss
FC Británico044Win

FCB started the game in stark contrast from the previous week. The opposition pressed high and hard and the play was scrappy on both sides. This continued for the opening 15 mins until things settled and FCB found their rhythm. The lineup was similar to the last game, 3-4-2-1. Macca, Cris and Dorus at the back, Ed, Fab, Dave and Sean in the middle, Luigi and Zak, then Foxy up top. This formation began to work wonders once the play settled. Dave and Sean found their footing and began to make the full backs wish they’d never got out of bed. They had chances, they burst into the box only to be bossed off the ball by Macca. A pass back and a quick free kick was blocked by Cris and cleared off the line by Macca. Dorus was doing a Rama and engaging well.
Dave thought he broke the deadlock when he helped Luigi’s shot in only to find he was offside. Still 0-0.

Half time 0-0

The second half started well and Fab found Dave with a great through ball which he calmly slotted away. 0-1. FCB continued to press for a second and it came through some top notch work from the silver fox on the wing who put Dave through for his second, 0-2. The pressure continued. Disaster for the opposition when a freekick became a red card when Dorus was slapped by their striker and off he went, but not before he intentionally spat on Cristian, utterly disgusting and unacceptable behaviour from an adult. Dave takes on the right back, yet again, and blazes past him, into and Zak and the ball goes in to the back of the net. 0-3. Macca comes off and Jose comes on, Ed moves into the back three. They score a consolation goal when Josue fumbles the ball and they put it in the back of the net. 1-3. The game is not over however. The Brits continue to work and press and it pays off with the last kick of the game. Zak moves well through the defence and smashes it past the keeper 1-4.

Man of the Match: David Kane
Goal of the Match: Zak Harry
Dick of the Day: Andy 'Silver' Fox
Quote of the Day: Mano....Fu**ing Mano!!! - Andy McLeod

AD Carrozas

FC Británico

22Josue Delgado Goalkeeper
2Andrew McLeod 14 Defender
3Dorus Leenaarts Defender
4Edmund Keith Midfielder
5Christian Thomsen Defender
6Fabian Amdal Åsland Midfielder
7David Kane Midfielder
8Luigi Bosetti 15 Midfielder
9Andrew Fox 12 Forward
10Zak Harry Midfielder
11Sean McBride Midfielder
12Jose Herrera 9 Midfielder
14Peter Curran 2 Defender
15Christoph Kain 8 Forward
  4 5 2