Brits Schooled by Old Rivals in Coslada


Bar Castilla’s244Win
FC Británico000Loss

This week saw FCB travel to Coslada for a 9 AM kick off against old rivals Bar Castilla (aka Fausto’s). The omens weren’t great as two of the match day squad slept through their alarms and turned up late to join an already depleted squad.

Hutch, Christian, Rama and Dorus made up the back 3 with Ed and Sean playing as wingbacks, veteran Tally lowered his anchor in midfield whilst Jose and Clement played in freer roles beyond him, Zak and Foxy up front. The match started brightly, as perhaps needing to warm and wake themselves up Britanicos pressed well in the first 20 minutes and had the better of the opening chances.

That’s as good as it was to get for the lads, as despite being ably cajoled by Rami and the returning prodigal son Fleck on the bench, FCB reverted to type and played long balls and looked to get rid of possession instead of building attacks properly. There may have been an element of luck about one of the two opening Faustos goals deflected beyond Hutch’s grasp but the half time scoreline of 3-0 did not flatter the hosts who were capitalising on technical mistakes and poor decision making. The fact that midfielder Jose had to go off after a clash of heads only to re-appear somewhat groggily 10 minutes later was the only mitigating factor in the men in red’s defence.

The second half was a slight improvement on the first as Britanicos’ wild pressing against technically superior opposition was scrapped in favour of a more pragmatic approach. Luigi came on for Jose who had been soldiering on  beyond what could have been reasonably expected of a man in his state much like Hutch on his stag do. Things however boiled over after a challenge by Clement and subsequent ill-advised outburst to the referee and opposition players had in the hutch for an early bath.

Faustos only managed a bundles effort from a corner after that to make it 4-0, but weren’t able to decisively unravel the threads at the edges on a ragged but stoic defence in open play. Few efforts of note at the other end, but plenty of spirit and a laudable attitude meant post match beers were enjoyed all the same by the lads (which on days where you get up before the sun rises and the water has melted to go to Coslada is actually what it’s all about).

Man of the Match: Christian (to this reporter’s mind the one guy who didn’t give an inch all morning)
Dick of the Day: Too many to mention

Bar Castilla’s


FC Británico

1Matthew Hutchinson Goalkeeper
2Edmund Keith Defender
3Dorus Leenaarts Defender
4Ramiro Pérez Toledo Defender
5Christian Thomsen Defender
6Josh Talbot Midfielder
7Clement Eke Midfielder
9Andrew Fox Midfielder
10Zak Harry Midfielder
11Sean McBride Defender
12Jose Herrera 14 Midfielder
14Luigi Bosetti 12 Midfielder
  1 1