FC Británico de Madrid v Bar Castilla’s


DateTimeLeagueSeasonFull Time
18th March 201711:00Liga Bunwer (Clausura)2016-201790'


FC Británico144Win
Bar Castilla’s122Loss


FCB started the match a bit jittery with passes going awry and nerves showing. They did not want a repeat of the 4-0 like the last time these two met. Bar Castillas’s passed it around the back, no surprises there but they didn’t seem to penetrate in the final third. FCB settled and began to hit on the break with fast, cutting passes. Sean and Dave doing well. As the first half wore on, the midfield battle became important and Ben and Fab were hassling well and disrupting play. Youssef, the man on fire, stopped the men in blue several times and kept the score line low. Pete took it upon himself to make a few decisions and tackle, he showed “Scottish character”. A shirt pull and FCB had a penalty. Sean Cooly slots it away. No top bin from Rama. 1-0.

Bar Castilla’s pile on the pressure and get a corner. Arguably a penalty. But they head home and draw level. 1-1.

Half time 1-1

FCB came out the blocks like men on a mission. Dave broke at pace down the right before feeding Sean who finished. 2-1.

Rama then bites the bullet and gives away a penalty. They slot it away. 2-2. The game continued and the centre backs, Rama and Ricky continued to show why FCB don’t concede cheap goals. Solid. FCB go through the motions and ignore the antics of the opposition. Calm play and cool heads will win through. And a lack of tactics, if Rami is to be believed. Foxy on for Luigi and Miki for Joe. Joe then proceeds to put one away. 3-2. Great finish. The play continues and FCB hit smart and fast. Bar Castilla’s couldn’t cope with the pace. Calum on and the attacking prowess continues. Fab off and a favourite hits the bench, what an effort from the Norwegian. Clement on and he brings his own element to the game. Dave breaks and puts it across, Joe takes many touches (Dave questions in his Scottish way) but it’s all good, he slots it home for his second. 4-2.

FCB win a highly competitive match. They know it was a depleted Bar Castilla’s team, but does that sour the victory? Short answer. No, no it does not.

The bench of Rami, G, Macca and Dorus were thrilled to watch such a great game.

Man of the Match – Dave. For his chat alone. “Hold it! That’s the ticket!”
Miss of the match no longer in association with Chris Parker: Calum
Quote of the match – “Pete, that’s the ticket!”


FC Británico

1Youssef Hanayen Goalkeeper
2Peter Curran Defender
3Nathaniel Lindley 16 Defender
4Ramiro Pérez Toledo Defender
5Ricky Pearson Defender
6Fabian Amdal Åsland 15 Midfielder
7David Kane Midfielder
8Michael Gaal 14 Midfielder
9Andrew Fox 13 Midfielder
10Ben Precious Midfielder
11Sean McBride Midfielder
13Luigi Bosetti 9 Midfielder
14Joe Simmons 8 Midfielder
15Clement Eke 6 Midfielder
16Calum McKenzie 3 Defender
17Andrew McLeod Defender
  4 3

Bar Castilla’s

2 4
Yellow Cards
Red Cards


Nuestra Señora de la Torre
Calle Puerto de Reinosa, 4, 28031 Madrid, España