A.A.P.L.A v FC Británico de Madrid


DateTimeLeagueSeasonFull Time
20th January 201809:00Liga Bunwer (Apertura)2017-201890'


FC Británico71313Win


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After some encouraging results happening on other pitches over the last few weeks, the boys in red-faced a visit to Aravaca to meet AAPLA with the knowledge that a win would keep them on track in their quest for the league.

They met dark and early in two groups: the train takers, who met in Principe Pio for a strenuous one-stop ride, and the Argüelles dwellers, who arrived rosy-cheeked from the heating of their comfortable automobiles. Luckily, this clear class division was not seen on the pitch as the lads formed a strong and united group nonetheless.

Visits to Aravaca have never been easy for the Brits. Add the unfortunate illness of both Jorge the keeper and his natural understudy Matt, and you’ll have an even more difficult situation. With all this in mind, they jumped on the pitch prepared for a hard battle for the 3 points. Cian volunteered for goal, defended by Captain Ed, Rama, Omar and Ricky on the back four, Mathi, Chris, Oscar on his final FCB game, and Pete on midfield, and Calum and Luigi attacking.

The boys were focused and their dominance was clear from the start, with Omar sweeping away every sign of danger, Chris dominating midfield, Ed flying up the left flank and Calum wreaking havoc down the centre. This total control translated onto the scoreboard as Mathi and Luigi managed to score a goal each before 10 minutes had elapsed. This was, in fact, the end of the game as such. The opposition defence had given up, their midfield couldn’t cope with the pressing, and their striker was too solitary up top to do any damage.

However, the lads were aware that goal difference can be a factor in this league and never lost concentration, scoring four more goals before the halftime whistle. Calum opened his personal account with two goals, Ed controversially tapped Ricky’s ‘goalbound’ effort in after some confusion in the six-yard box and Luigi scored his second from outside the box.

Some positional changes were carried out at halftime as Cian gave the gloves to Omar and occupied the left wing and Mathi switched sides to the right wing, bringing Pete back to right back and Ricky as centre back.

Rama came off for Harry five minutes into the second half, and sometime later Luigi, Mathi and Pete were replaced by Adi, Jordan and Fab on the return of the Norwegian prodigal child from his Mexican adventure.

The dynamics of the second half remained the same. Omar expertly saved a difficult shot only seconds after putting on the gloves, and almost conceded after a long shot from midfield while he was taking care of his just earned fans. But the goals kept going in the opposite net, and the score was soon 10-0 thanks to three more goals from Cal and one from Mathi. At this point, interest in the game turned to FCB’s attacking section as Adi, Jordan and Fab looked to score but were unlucky in their attempts, which made Rami’s weekly tantrum possible. In between some more Calum goals, AAPLA managed to score a consolation goal through their persistent number 6, and there was still time for Jordan to find his arduously sought-after goal for the final 13-1 score.

An overall dominant and convincing performance from a team that is determined to fight for the league until its very end.

Man of the Match: Cian ‘Clean Sheet’ Deegan + Opposition keeper who played on with a broken nose
Goal of the Game: Calum (Who else)
Quote of the Match: Rami with numerous one-liners




FC Británico

1Cian Deegan Goalkeeper, Midfielder
2Ricky Pearson Defender
3Edmund Keith Defender
4Ramiro Pérez Toledo 14 Defender
5Omar Majid Rodriguez Defender
6Oscar Walet Turner Midfielder
7Peter Curran 15 Defender
8Christoffer Wörm Midfielder
9Luigi Bosetti Midfielder
10Calum Cant Midfielder
11Mathias Pensatori 13 Midfielder
13Aaditya Abhyankar 11 Midfielder
14Harry Hewlett 4 Midfielder
15Jordan Maston 7 Midfielder
16Fabian Amdal Åsland Midfielder
  13 7
Yellow Cards
Red Cards


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Calle del Arroyo de Pozuelo, 28023 Madrid, España