A clean Sheet and an Empty Bench in Vallecas


FC Británico255Win
AD Carrozas000Loss

FCB started the game with another slightly altered line up. Jorge in net, Ricky shifts out to right back, Ed on the left and Rama and Macca (making his first start of the season) combining to make up the middle of the defence. The Midfield had Dave the Kane train on the right and back on his preferred larger pitch, Callum and Oscar making up the middle and Sean shifting out wide. Then there was the attacking due of Joe and Nacho up front.

FCB welcomed back former players to the fold, this time on the opposing team! Alvaro and Liam both started for the opposition and the Brits looked forward to testing their mettle. The game started with some scrappy play and some great play. The back line kept thing quiet and simply shifted the ball into the midfield who had an abundance of playmakers. The difference on the larger pitch was there for all to see with lots of through balls, diagonal passes and chips over the top to the faster and well driller men in red. Once past the 15-minute mark, things settled down and FCB found their rhythm.  The six-second rule as utilised this day to great effect. AD Carrozas barely had a sniff of the ball in the FCB half. Play continued like this until the deadlock was finally broken. Callum brilliantly slipped past the defence, and the man who was man marking him every second, and slots the ball past the keeper. 1-0. Nacho was being his usual pesky self and caused problems on those occasions when he got on the ball. His work and then unselfish play to set up Sean meant it was 2-0. Half-time came with not a shot from the men in white.

Half Time

The half-time team talk was filled with Rami ensuring we knew how he would feel if the clean sheet was lost. “Better 3-0 than 10-1, lads,” was the cry. Some freshening up at the back was made with Ricky coming off and Harry coming on at right back. Other players were informed that the bench would indeed be emptied as there were a few hungry lads chomping at the bit. The second half saw some changes for the opposition as well as they attempted to find a way through the stalwart FCB backline. The next goal came soon after the break, this time Harry broke free on the right and put in a delightful cross for Nacho to latch onto and make it 3-0. Changes were made, Luigi and Sam came on and Joe and Callum left the field. Matthew made his debut and came on for Oscar and Adi came on for Ed. These changes meant that FCB went with 3 at the back and all-out attack. Luigi was buzzing around like a wasp and eventually, this paid off as he struck from outside the box, 4-0. This was responded by some great attacking play from the Spaniards as they came close a few times and even made Jorge make a save. His only one of the match. This pressure was absorbed and dealt with by the three men at the back and FCB pressed once more relentlessly. Sam came close once and to be honest should have scored, but he then redeemed himself by working hard and getting himself on the score sheet, 5-0. And thus the game ended, Rami happy with a clean sheet, as was the defence, and the attackers happy with 5 goals.

Man of the Match: Macca, even though his own dad didn’t vote for him. Damn you Dave Kane!!!!!
Goal of the Match: Luigi Bosetti
Dick of the Day: Macca's Dad (According to Macca)
Quote of the Day: “Better 3-0 than 10-1.” Rami

FC Británico

1Jorge Pires Goalkeeper
2Ricky Pearson 14 Defender
3Edmund Keith 15 Defender
4Andrew McLeod Defender
5Ramiro Pérez Toledo Defender
6Oscar Walet Turner 12 Midfielder
7David Kane Midfielder
8Sean McBride Midfielder 42'
9Joe Simmons 16 Midfielder
10Calum Cant 13 Midfielder 23'
11Ignacio Zulueta Forward 57'
12Sam Reid 6 Midfielder 86'
13Luigi Bosetti 10 Midfielder 64'
14Harry Hewlett 2 Midfielder 57'
15Aaditya Abhyankar 3 Midfielder
16Matthew Laverty 9 Midfielder
  5 3 1

AD Carrozas