FCB topple the Torre


AS Roma000Win
FC Británico699Win

FCB started the game with confidence seemingly attacking at will. Their opponents had no answers to the attacking prowess of the Brits. Knowing that they were unable to score in this fixture last year FCB were determined to put as many past the tall goalkeeper as they could. FCB hit the post and crossbar in a frenzy of attacks and continued to be denied. The breakthrough came through Ish who headed in a cross. Then the flood gates opened. Torrepista couldn’t deal with the skills of FCB and brought down Callum in the area, Zak comfortably slotted in the penalty. 2-0. Soon after, the third goal came with Andy and Pedro linking up with Tally on the right wing, Pedro crossed it in for Zak, who put the ball in the back of the net. 3-0. Torrepista couldn’t break down the defence of FCB, their long balls were headed with ease by Andy, Alex and Alberto and their runs were covered by Ed. On the rare occasions they broke through, the most they could achieve were corners which were easily dealt with. Pedro continued to make problems for the Torrepista defense and eventually set up Zak for another goal, 4-0. Zak wasn’t satisfied though and continually sought out more goals. He was rewarded when he was brought down in the area and calmly punished the defense. 5-0. FCB were unstoppable at this point, but the coaches on the sideline weren’t happy as the Brits were playing without precision and focus. Pedro made himself a nuisance once more and set up Zak for his fourth. 6-0.


Rami made a half time substitution, taking Ish off for Jordan. The second half began with FCB passing the ball and retaining possession. The goal was simple now, keep the clean sheet. The coaches wanted a clean sheet above all else, Rami made this quite clear at half time. Some changes were made as the bench was filled with players who were eager to get on and show what they can do. Andy came off for Barry and Ramiro for Ed. The play continued in a similar way to the first half, but without the rampant goal scoring. Luigi came on for Callum and Pedro came off for Christian. Luigi instantly attacked the Torrepista defence using his footwork and speed to move past them with ease. Zak managed to score from a corner making it 7-0. The pressure didn’t cease though. FCB continued to attack and attack and soon it became 8-0 through Luigi making some magic and setting up Tarek. Zak made it 9-0 by sweetly finishing off some great play, racking up a tally of 6 just for him during the game.

Man of the Match: Zak Harry
Goal of the Match: Zak Harry
Dick of the Day: Luigi

AS Roma

Jordan Mellon Defender
10Zak Harry Midfielder
11Ismael Majid Midfielder

FC Británico