FCB run rampant against old rival


Bar Castilla’s011Loss
FC Británico224Win

As far as fixtures in the league go, this was by far the most anticipated, Bar Castillas (Faustos are they are known to most of us) v FCB. FCB were cruising high after an enormous win over Banco de España a week previously  and were thinking, why not cause another upset?

An attacking line up took to the pitch and in the beginning stages of the game the possession was all for the opposition. Bar C were passing it around comfortably, but not making any real progress, on the rare occasions they made it through the stalwart FCB defence the forwards were lacking in clinical finishing. The tide turned and FCB started to create chances, torwards the end of the half the Brits made it 0-1 through Zak excellently finishing a beautiful assist from the Juggernaut, also known as Josh Tally. First blood to FCB. The pressure continued to build against the Spanish side, nothing they could do could stem the continuous attacking prowess of FCB. Then they made 0-2 through Ish’s dogged determination and skill.


The second half was filled with FCB penetrating the Bar C defence and causing problems through the wingers and midfielders. Soon a ragged defence saw a rebound go in off their own defenders, Callum claimed the glory. 0-3. Alex came off injured and Barry came on in defence. Three goals up and nothing could go wrong. The game really opened up with both teams desperate to score next. It was Bar Castillas who struck next. 1-3. Inspired by their goal they tried to press their advantage. Josh Tally got an injured while causing havoc amongst the attackers and came off for Ramiro. FCB attacked and gained a corner. Tarek swung in a great cross and Ish leaped like a salmon out of water to smash the ball into the top corner with a fabulous header. 1-4. The Spanish side’s frustrations were clear to see as they lashed out at their superior opponents physically rather than with skill. Rash challenges, pushes, kicks and insults were flying as they tried to gain dominance, all to no avail. The referee seemed unable to force order on the proceedings.

Liam came on for Luigi in the next tactical move by Rami. He continued to attack and cause problems for the defenders but nothing seemed to go right as lady luck kept her favour from the striker. She continued to be fickle in her attentions towards Liam as he came off injured.

Injury struck again as Christian began to have muscle problems and was substituted for Andy. Bar Castillas were attacking in a frenzy, but FCB were not going to let them have another glimmer of hope and the defence, made up of three substitutes, continued to hold fast.

As the game finished a clear message was sent out to the league. FCB are the team to beat this season.

Man of the Match: Tarek
Goal of the Match: Ismael Majid
Dick of the Day: Liam Hyner

Bar Castilla’s

FC Británico

11Ismael Majid
  2 1

Assistant Coach: Zak Harry