FCB Sala go from Heroes to Ceros

The sala team suffered a heavy defeat this afternoon against Atletico Cero.

Match report from Captain, Ollie Hamilton

Not a great game from the Sala team today, losing to one of the top teams, Atletico Cero, 12-1. More of shame as our presence was graced by ex-captain Laurie Holder. Even he, however, could not turn around FCB’s goal shortage, as we saw many, many chances go to waste yet again. Down 5-0 at half time due to a bit of bad luck and some not-so-great goalkeeping, we had to push on in the second half to try and grab something, and we paid the price on the breaks. Consolation goal scored by Ollie towards the end was barely that. Hopefully the match doesn’t put off newcomer Richard Padmore and the rest of the team, who despite the result, had some decent performances.”

Lineup: Ollie, Jack, Mark, Julien, Shawn, Richard and Laurie.

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