FCB Bunwer 1-1 Navidul

14/1/2011 – La Elipa

FCB Bunwer continued their poor run of winter results this morning with a laboured draw against league strugglers Navidul. It was a case of letting a lead slip once again for Rami’s lads, who had gone ahead through a Martin Kirkpatrick header. Navidul looked strong though and their pace up front allowed them to take advantage of sloppy Britanico defending to equalise. With a week off next week, Rami will be looking to his team to refocus and ensure they make the top 12.

Match Report (mostly) from Michael Langan


FCB, having kicked off the new year with a creditable draw against high flying maycometal, sought their first victory in five against struggling Navidul. With La Elipa covered in frost, and more than a hint of cold in the air, this was always going to be a tougher fixture than paper suggested. FCB lined up Hutch, Kiki, Tom Pope, Mike Ojo, Kirky, and Oldhams favourite son. In midfield, Michael, Double Agent Boyle, and the departing James Hamilton, with a returning George and Ishamel leading the line. The game kicked off at a snail’s pace- with FCB struggling to maintain possession, and looking very disjointed. Against poorer sides, we could have found ourself a couple down but, against Navidul, coped fined despite our inadequacies. As the game progressed, FCB began to play more of the game in the opposition half and, for the first time in recent memory were offering a genuine threat from set pieces. After consistent pressure, and impressive delivery from one yard specialist James Hamilton, Martin finally repaid manager Ramis faith in him with a bullet header which thundered off the bar and into the net. FCB could’ve made it 2 when loudmouth and general trouble-maker Langan missed an absolute sitter, later claiming that it had merely been due to a call at the back post from the advancing Sean Powell (aye right). However, the game was not without controversy and, minutes before the break, FCB should have had a penalty, and probably a man advantage, when George was felled by the Navidul goalkeeper, but the infringement was deemed to have occurred outside the area. From the resultant free kick, nothing materialised and FCB had to content themself with a slender and always fragile one nothing advantage at half time. As the second half kicked off, FCB again struggled to stamp their authority on the game and, with Double Agent Boyle beginning to have his own ‘impact on the game, we never looked safe. After an hour or so, disaster struck, and Double Agent Boyle revealed himself- when an excellent through ball from him (for Navidul) saw the struggling side equalise after some ill fortune at the back. FCB changed formation, and reverted to their familiar 4-3-3, in an attempt to chase a winning goal but, in truth, were toothless and lackluster in front of goal. But for the reckless tackle on Ishmael, and the resultant melee, there would really be nothing of note in the last ten minutes- a damning indictment of FCB’s front 6. The midfield must take a lot of responsibility, as at no time during the game did they truly dictate play and make things happen. Similarly, Ishamel had an off day, whereas George appeared just a little off the pace. A two week break now beckons for the Bunwer side (hopefully a bit longer for the disgraced Nick Boyle) and we must really strive to recapture our early season form, which saw us a genuine threat to decent teams. Today, frankly, was embarassing, and should be forgotten as quickly as Nick Boyle can turn a game, adversely, for FCB. MOTM goes to Kirky, but a special mention to Hutch, who wuz robbed. Special thanks to James who, even although his stay with the Bunwer side has been fleeting, has been a welcome addition to the middle of the park, and deserved better than the send off Nick gave him today.

Silky’s final thought:

After almost forgetting what a draw is since the opening day of the season, FCB recorded their second such result in a row at the weekend and it seems that the team has also forgotten how to win games.  La Elipa was shrouded in fog for Saturday morning’s encounter with Navidul and this was reflective of FCB’s performance and general play, at times not having the foggiest idea of how to kill off the opposition. However, at least we didn’t have the cheek to claim we couldn’t see each other properly as Sir Alex Ferguson did many years ago after Man Utd lost to Southampton while wearing a particularly c**p grey strip!  In the end 2 points went missing in the murkiness and FCB need to clear their heads quickly if they want to claim a top 12 finish.  On a positive note we were treated to a tribal dance of some sort from Mr Langan as the lacklustre performance began to take its toll

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