FC Britanico 5 – 5 La Taberna de Pastor

On a rainy Saturday morning as the cows in the field nestled into the warm grass, Rami Majid’s Bunwer boys awoke to face a well-known Ruper King side, looking to build upon last weekend’s win with another 3 points. In the dressing room, Rami rallied the troops with a heart-warming, and almost touching pre-match speech, spurring the squad on to fight, and put Fletch’s 5P’s from training into practice.

The team lined up: Alvaro, Chaz Boyle, Ally Renucci, Mike Ojo, Nick Boyle, debutant Stuart, Ben, Alex Hyner, Emeka, Olivier the Maverick, and Ismael.

Subs: Silky, Amar, Dave, Jesus, and Zayd.

And so the game kicked off in typical Britanico style as the charismatic, and bountiful Nicolas again, selflessly, headed a ball clear from our 18-yard box to Olivier’s feet who neatly threaded Ish clear on goal. Ishmael then effortlessly slotted the ball past the onrushing RK goalkeeper to put FCB 1-0 ahead. Not two minutes later though, although Britanico’s looked good in possession, a silly free-kick reached the far corner through Alvaro’s unsuspecting hands. Alas, the equaliser failed to deter FCB, and more importantly Nick Boyle, who again selflessly whipped a dangerous ball across the front of the RK goal for Ish to slot into the net again. 18 assists for the season and 2-1 to the home side. For the following 15 minutes the game passed by anonymously, the only newsworthy events coming from the Britanico sidelines as the increasingly irate Rami rumbled on. Britanico’s were in control when on the ball going forward, however, the pressing and patience in defence seemed to be lacking. Ruper King, and their merry gang of vagrants drew level only 7 minutes before half time through a controversial penalty as Mike was wrongly adjudged to have fouled the opposition no.9. 2-2. Time for calm. Soon after, Ish was released down the left-hand side by Stuart, and although taken out by the goalkeeper as the took the ball to his side, no penalty was given despite a clear foul. In a league where most teams exchange simulation after simulation as if it was common currency, this is perhaps an example where Ish’s honesty was perhaps not the best policy. Of course, the referee took no notice of the FCB protests. Although the side knew to keep the ball, another free-kick was then again poorly defended, and the Ruper King frontline found the time to nod the ball across the 6-yard box, and although the initial threat was dealt with admirably by the FCB right back and centre half, a sneaky little niño in yellow luckily put his side ahead with an erratic finish into the top corner.

Half time: FCB 2 – 3 RK. Rami was angry, Fletch was upset, and the players….bloody hell eh?

Finally, the rain let up, and with a clear message to attack yet stay compact in defence, debutant Stuart made way for the returning Dave. The effect was almost immediate as some neat play between Ish, Dave, and Emeka resulted in a penalty, banged into the bottom corner by our own number 9 Alex. The ensuing second half followed the classic ‘open football’ pattern that a lot of amateur games do, FCB striking the first blow as Dave slid in to convert Ally’s freekick at the back post, and move the score to 4-3 home advantage. Next Ruper King drew level after another deep free-kick that was not dealt with at the back post only for the opposition to bundle the ball into the corner. The game was scrappy, and although the new/ old comer Dave broke through to put FCB ahead once again with an expert one touch and finish across the front of the Ruper King goalkeeper, FCB was once again punished, with the help of the referee at a set-piece, when the ball was nearly cleared on 3 separate occasions only for a tame shot to sneak by Alvaro to the bemusement of FCB. In the closing minutes, FCB was on top, however, in all honesty, the game was dead. Ruper King attempted to kick some life into the game with a speculative long-range effort however this was met by Alvaro’s outstretched hand the pushed a good effort onto the bar.

One should always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going, Ruper King is a side that we lost to twice last year so it’s not always going to be that a way, but that’s what makes you beautiful. Never forget, and Fletch will right all wrongs this week at L’Epa!

Forza FCB

Unanimous man of the match: Ismael Majid

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