Faustos 1-0 FCB Bunwer

26/11/2011 – Coslada

FCB Bunwer got nothing from their top-of-the-table clash against serial champions Faustos Ondarreta in Coslada this morning. Both defences were excellent, but the Guiris were undone by a second half ball over the top and a cool finish from the Faustos number 8, Copi. FCB battled well all afternoon and would have been well worthy of a point from the game, however, they couldn’t find a way past the home defence.

Match Report by Michael Langan

“On the back of an impressive run of form, Rami’s Bunwer side made the long journey to Faustus, for their toughest test of the season. Hampered, firstly, by Hutch’s stadium delusions of grandeur, and also by the aforementioned Hutch’s inability to carry two bags when leaving his house (to his car), FCB had a rushed warm up and were under way, starting Hutch (captain), Ally (taunting Lee Fletcher with the sponsorship question) Omar (departing, thankfully) Martin (who remains a controversial choice) and Reece (of kidney fame), Michael (the fittest player on the park) Nick (wronged last night by a South American tease) Stevie (apparently of Spanish extraction) Arnar (who was playing on a surface akin to his native Finnish ice) Binny ( looking dashing in the cold weather) and George (with suitably opened up lungs).

The game started poorly for FCB, with Faustus taking an early grip of possession, and FCB struggling badly to hold onto the ball, although they stuck to their defensive tasks manfully. Faustus, aided by a number 8 who has had Omar Majid moist for weeks, attacked and dominated the early exchanges, though failed to create any true clear openings. After a little exchange, Arnar took a tumble, and Rami Tyson leapt off the bench demanding a red card, though the referee kept his head and issue only a yellow. It was all too much for one Brit who, traumatised, headed for the changing room in despair. The midfield began to assert themselves, with Nick, Mick and Stevie getting a foot on the ball, and beginning to influence the game more, and relieving the pressure from an impressive back four- Half time, in truth, probably suited Faustus better who, having thrown everything at FCB, were beginning to look second best in the closing stages.

Rami offered a mastermind team talk, urging FCB to keep things tight in the second half, and push for the winner. FCB began the second half well, again beginning to offer a genuine attacking threat, as they had done towards the tail end of the first half. However, ten minutes into the second half, disaster struck when FCB failed to deal with a routine long ball, and the best player on the park impressively slotted by Hutch, who went agonisingly close to keeping to keeping the ball from crossing the line. Unphased by the setback, FCB continued to play decent football, and went very close but, Nick Boyle, still suffering the effects of last night, ultimately cost the lads a point with an abject finish. From the resulting corner, a dynamic and impressive Sean Powell had the chance to redeem his damnum fatale from last week, but instead chose to top it, heading into the keepers longing arms. As the game began to reach its climax, Faustus began to resort to typical Spanish tactics, playing for fouls and exaggerating any contact. Rami, determined to torture his beleaguered defensive midfielder, refused to withdraw his warrior from the battlefield. Thanks Rami. Nick Boyle, despite suffering a horrific injury, did the side a big favour by, firstly, deigning to stay on the park, but also for refusing to ‘take his ball and go home.’ A noble and honourable gesture. Reece, seemingly not a pished idiot tonight, continued to offer his usual combative style, getting forward to support attacks at any opportunity, but it wasn’t to be, and FCB succumbed to a narrow one nothing victory, a defeat which was incredibly difficult to take, given the effort put in by all. The defeat is disappointing only in the three points lost, as there can be no real qualms with any performances, but, on the day, a collective loss of concentration ultimately proved our undoing against a quality (calidad) side. Performances like today illustrate, however, that we deserve to be at the business end of the table and, moreover, bring into sharp contrast just how poor the performances were against Procarton and Ruper King.

A special mention goes out today to Omar Majid who had a cracking haircut, but who also leaves us to take up a banking positions (with Cesar) in Germany. His loss, both on and off the park, will be felt massively for the side, and we face an unenviable task of trying to replace a handsome and smartly dressed man. Pasta luego Omar. With a free week next week, we look to a fortnights time, to get back on the wagon and look to position ourselves well for the second half of the season.”

Final thought from Richard “Silky” Kilroy

“This weekend’s game was about 2 things, a) a tough encounter with a team 1 place above us on goal difference and b), the sad departure of our outstanding centre back Omar Majid who has accepted a transfer to Schalke 04 for an undisclosed fee plus a modelling contract as the new face of Gillette…….don’t be surprised to see Omar’s face on billboards across Germany in future!

Commiserations to the team after a narrow loss, however it was a good performance but a realisation that we have to learn to break down methodical, patient teams such as Faustos to have a realistic chance of winning the league.”


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