FCB Bunwer 1 – 1 MAYCO All square in the 2012 opener

7/1/2012 – La Elipa

The first game of the weekend finished in a stalemate. A 1-1 draw for FCB Bunwer with a fantastic finish from Michael Langan opening the Británicos account for 2012.

FC Britanico Bunwer 1-1 MayCo Metal

Match Report from Michael Langan

After a winter of discontent, comparable to that endured by Hitler in 41, FCB Bunwer began 2012 seeking to arrest the slide in form, and fortify themselves in that coveted ‘upper 12.’ With a rare later 11 oclock start, loveable urchin Sean Powell had a big grin in his face, and a warmth in his heart upon arriving at La Elipa. The team to line up against Mayco Metal was, after a great bit of dressing room banter from the aforementiond Kiki, and jovial Rami (it wasn’t, it was shameless bullying of a fragile soul): Hutch, Tom, Mike Ojo, Fletch (no, seriously), Kirky (deceptive, and remains a controversial choice), Kiki (BE), Sir Lancelot, Nick (ultimately FCB’s downfall), James (impressive and attractive out of his football kit), Isma and Binny.  In the opening exchanges, FCB appeared somewhat inhibited by the lengthy break, struggling to dispose of the cobwebs,and Nick Boyle, as of yet, unaware of the tragic game which was to unfold for him- bless. Having said that, the defensive three appeared in control and, in truth, ‘opposing team’ looked very unlikely to score. A flashpoint occurred around 25 mintues into the game, when resident FCB hun was hunnishly scythed down, thought the referee, a great laugh, chose not to take any further action. One hun attacking another hun, and hun on hun action is a great laugh. As the first half grew, however, FCB began to impose themselves more so in the game with the midfield two (Nick was annonymous for anything positive) linking up decently with Binny and Ishmael, who were beginning to come into their own. Just before half time, FCB were given a timely boost going into the half time break where, after some good hold up play, Ishmael unselfishly released Sir Lancelot, who had made a lungbursting dart upfield, before slotting by an awestruck goalkeeper to give FCB the lead.
Special mention, it is felt, should go to Lee Fletcher at this point, for his hissy fit just as the half time whistle blew, for the perceived tardy response of the side to get into the changing room. bless.
Unfortunately, this marked the end of Oldham’s favourite son’s afternoon, and Rami was replaced Will for an injured, and gallant, Lee Fletcher.
The second half began well, with FCB in apparent control, and looking to build on their lead. However, disaster struck just on the hour mark when, having given away a cheap corner, FCB were punished by an excellent first time strike, and the game was level. To their credit, ten men responded very well, again going on the offensive and seeking to regain the lead. One man, however, simply had not read the script and, with the goal gaping, Nick Boyle, well only he can tell you what happened. But FCB didn’t score. However they continued to press, with Binny going close with a solo effort, which was only just cleared off the line. As time ticked away, there was still time for Nick to complete his afternoon of misery, when a tame effort was parried by the goalkeeper, with the goal gaping again, and also better options in the middle of the park. Hopefully the lad can learn from this, and put today down to experience.
At full time FCB were a little deflated, and possibly rightfully so- it was a game we did more than enough to win but, importantly, it was a good point against a side flying high in the league, and the alarming run of defeats came to an end. Now, we can look forward to next Saturday, with confidence both in the performance, and the knowledge that Navidul are not the best team in the world.
All the best lads, and see you Tuesday, or Saturday.

FCB Goals: Michael Langan

FCB Assists: Ishmael Majid

FCB Cards: Sean Powell (Y)

FCB MOTM: Tom Pope

Rami’s Caña moment: Kiki getting scythed down by a 2 foot horror challenge and walking away without reacting… then getting booked for dissent in the 2nd half

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