The Big 1 2

It was another sunny day in Madrid, and the perfect conditions for a game of football. The cage was the venue for this exciting game. There was tension early in the team as England were playing Scotland in the Rugby World Cup, but all was forgot as soon as the kit came and the concentration was totally on the game in hand.

Bar La Santina were the opponents today, even though they had lost their first 2 games they still had quality in the centre of the park.

The line up was similar to last weeks win, but there were a few new faces in the team. The team was as follows: Hutch, Rich, Omar, Evo, Alessandro, Karim, Mick, Nick, Ish, George, Pete. Subs: Charlie, Chris, Terry, Beni, Hatim.

The match started quietly and confidently as FCB Bunwer took control of the game. FCB used the width and the full backs Rich and Al to keep possession. The first break went to FCB as Big George held the ball up excellently to allow Ish in behind the defence. Ish went agonisingly wide.

5 minutes later FCB took the lead. Excellent work again by George and by Scotch Nick and Mick, to feed the ball in the area. It was like a ping ball machine and eventually landed at Pete’s feet who confidently slotted home, 1 nil.

Confidence was high, and FCB did not look back. Still keeping possession, the opportunities came thick and fast. Dominating the play the next chance landed to Ish, who took on the whole defence with excellent footwork. As he found himself one on one with the keeper he decided to pass to Pete!! WHAT, twice in two games! Deja vu set in!! Opportunity lost! Still, FCB knew that the games was for the taking. This reflected in their play and George (aka Dimitar Berbatov) came to collect the ball from midfield and defence, and provided dynamic play.

Shortly after it was 2 nil. FCB made use of the possession and Nick was clinical with the finish. It was all up hill from there as FCB made it 3 two minutes later. Nick with his second. Bar La Santina had given up 35 minutes into the game. The reflected their play when Ish made the ball in their area and played it to Pete and a rash challenge by the number 5 allowed a clear penalty for FCB. Pete stepped up and slotted away for his second of the game. FCB once again were composed and saw the first half out by keeping the ball moving and making the opposition work. The ref blew for half time and FCB, in cruise control, were happy with their performance.

Rami had simple messages for the team at half time, keep the ball and clean sheet.

As the second half started FCB seemed relaxed. However, a little bit to relaxed. This showed when La Santina started to press and retain possession easily, something that FCB had not allowed them to do in the first half. A silly free kick was give to them and Bar La Santina capitalised on the opportunity. 4 – 1. Had FCB collapsed? Had we allowed them back into the game? These were the questions that Rami and his assistant Fletch (aka Mourinho and Pep) had to consider.

Intensity and concentration was the cry from the side line. FCB replied immediately. Scoring easily through combination play. Rami, had to make some tough decision. Bringing off Pete and George, who both had had a wonderful game, to bring on Beni and Chris. It was a gamble but seemed to be a fantastic decision by the manager as the both scored with minutes of coming on. (There you are Rami a little praise for you, haha). Bar La Santina had no interest in the game and 6 soon became 7 and 8 and so on. FCB treated it as a training session and where still clinical in the finishing. The game ended in a flash and so had the goals with a 12 – 1 victory in the bag for the lads!

A fantastic result and what was expected as a tough game managed to be a stroll in the park.

As Vinnie Jones once said “”Winning doesn’t really matter as long as you win”

So true Vinnie, so true.

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