Silky’s final thought 29/09/2012

Welcome back to another season of Silky’s final thought following each Saturday morning Bunwer fixture.

Comedy caper, coach carded contemptuous contest culminates in calamitous collapse!  (Try saying that quickly after a few!!!!)
Third game of the season today against Instalaciones J Uceda and FCB headed south to Getafe in confident mood after a win and a draw in the first two games.  Despite being on the back foot at times due to excellent play by the home side, FCB managed to mop up in defence and the forward players had the lion’s share of the chances so it was a pity when a misjudgement let Instalaciones in to open the scoring just before half time. Second half saw FCB get back into the game at 2-1 down but shortly afterwards the referee ruined FCB’s morning by giving keeper Rob his marching orders for getting too involved in a tangle between Ally and their winger.  Lee Fletch then took the brave decision to stand in as goalkeeper but unfortunately this meant that Olivier had to come off who had been playing very well.  Thanks ‘Arbi’ and from then on FCB’s morning just went to rack and ruin with the home side notching a further 3 goals to run out 5-1 winners.  Handshakes all round then between the Instalaciones players and referee…..anyone get the feeling there was a little ‘arrangement’ there???
So once again, this was another reminder NOT to argue with referees but a spirited performance against 12 men by FCB.

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