Scotland win FCB World Cup

1/11/11 – SCOTLAND – ENGLAND – REST of the WORLD


Scotland triumph in the FCB World Cup with two solid defensive performances, inspite of a goal drought at La Elipa. The only goal of the tournament came via a Chaz Boyle volley for Scotland against bitter rivals England. FCB would like to thank everyone who came along and give special mention to those who put so much effort into organising a great day.


England 0 – 0 Rest of the World

Scotland 1 – 0 England

Rest of the World 0 – 0 Scotland


FCB World Cup Winners – Scotland

Best Player Scotland – Nick Boyle

Best Player England – Omar Majid

Best Player Rest of the World – Sean Harvey

Pichichi (Top Goalscorer) – Chaz Boyle

Portero Grande (Best Goalkeeper) – Daniel Bell

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