Sala team barred while Triskels binge on goals

Trying times for the Sala team as of late with injuries and illness having put a number of players out of action and struggling to get consistency in the squad as they were shot down 2-9 on Sunday in what proved to be yet another frustrating game.

Match report by 5-a-side correspondent Oliver Hamilton

FCB in fact started brightly, with a few passing combinations taking the Triskels’ defence by surprise, only for the goalkeeper to save them some early embarrassment. Unfortunately the ball came straight back at FCB, as after about 5 minutes it was the FCB defence that was found sleeping and conceded the first of two goals in quick succession from corners. We responded well though, and were unlucky to see a number of chances skim the outside of the post or be thwarted by some alert goalkeeping. Frustrated at not finishing our chances, it was a bitter feeling to concede two more and find ourselves at 0-4 down at half time. Despite a sterling performance from Jack holding the play at the back, our tiredness from a lack of subs began to show soon into the second half and some sloppy balls gifted the opposition some easy goals. Meanwhile, our impudence continued up front as chance after chance went begging and heads began to drop. It wasn’t until we were 0-8 down and 5 minutes remained that a simple ball from Jed in goal was taken on by Ollie on the wing and smashed into the bottom corner of the Triskels’ goal. It showed just how simple it could have been, and Jed added another after a trademark scrap to make it 2-8. Sadly, the revival came all too late and one more goal from Triskels put an end to the match. Worst of all, it was a game that would have ended very differently had we had a full strength squad. Anyway, eyes to the next game, and some shooting practice!

FCB Sala Lineup: Ollie, Jed, Jack, Ridan and Mark

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