Proyel 4-1 FCB Bunwer


FCB Bunwer lose their second game on the trot with a disappointing 4-1 loss away to Proyel Duero.

“After a weeks hiatus, Rami´s unlikely lads made the early journey south hoping to bounce back after the disappointing 1-0 reverse against Faustus. On an already cold morning, a spiteful Lee Fletcher revealed his own icy side by allowing politics to interfere with Rami and his selection. The team started Matt Áll the best´Hutchinson ´Ally ´self important now that hes a member of the committee´Renucci  Martin ´controversial choice´Kirkpatrick,  Ricardo ´decent lad´Lopi  Richard ´hitman´ silk  Sean ´Rami needs more defenders´ Powell, Nick, Stevie ´Spanish´ Cespades, Bini, Chaz ´bad omen´ Boyle and George ´gutted to be missing the Christmas party´ Gomme.

The opening two minutes, setting the tone for the entire 90 minutes, were calamitous, with Nick really struggling with the concept of remaining vertical, and Rami was forced, much to the dismay of a gleeful Lee Fletcher, into an early change with injury forcing Ricardo off. On for him, having shown admirable patience and dignity in the face of ´Oldham’s favourite son´and his agenda, was ´Langs´with Sean Powell shouting all the way back to centre half. As the game wore on, FCB´s sloppy start began to become ever more evident and, after a great goal line save from Binny, the danger looked to be over, until a rampant Richard Kilroy Silk made his trademark late run into the (FCB) box, and thundered past a stunned Hutch from 6 yards. From there, FCB attempted to regroup, but failed to find any rhythm, and looked a very jaded side. In the middle of the park, Nick was having great fun moaning to all and sundry about the tactics of the opposition, and genuinely revelling in his role as ´ese idiota.´ Shortly after, following some slack closing down, FCB found themselves two nothing down, with Hutch left exposed by a ball in behind the FCB defence.

At half time, Rami gathered the troops in, aided by his sullen lieutenant, and stressed the need to do the basic things right, when he should have been urging certain people to save wishing the opposition all the best until full time. But alas. The second half started reasonably well, with FCB seeming a good deal more composed on the ball, and there was genuine hope of a recovery, until the most ridiculous event witnessed by the author on a football park occurred. Hutch, distributing the ball to Martin, immeditely reutnred to his box to console with the opposition forward, meanwhile Martin had played an uncharateristically slack ball, allowing the opposition striker to nip in and loft the ball, not into an empty net, simply a net being occupied by a man unaware that play was going on. A great laugh. At three nothing down, the game was, in truth, finished, although FCB did pull a goal back after a good through ball from Silky (in the unfamiliar no 10 role today, seemingly) was finished off with composure by Nick, taking his goal tally for the season to 53- a great first season return in Spain. At this point, however, the tinker man struck again, and Fletch and Rami made a volume of substitutions associated more with an American football side, and FCB became somewhat disjointed, although special commendation should go out to the makeshift central defensive partnership, which was excellent. After a free kick broke down, FCB were again on the backfoot and, left short of cover at the back, were 4-1 down after a smart finish beat Hutch. Thereafter, the game simply meandered out, although Nick should be applauded for managing to maintain his discipline and stay on the park- well done mate.

It is difficult to draw any real positives from the performance, and it can be contrasted with the battling defeat two weeks ago, however, here are some points for personal rumination. Firstly, Lee Fletcher is exemplifies both bitterness and boringness perfectly. Matt Hutchinson is so averse to a night out with the rest of the team, that he has deliberately booked a flight to avoid it (draw your own conclusions there) We have, in our side, certain full backs who cannot finish (Sean Powell), but what we do now have, is a full back on good goal scoring form, and high on confidence- Richard Kilroy Silk. Lastly, if Chaz Boyle starts the game, we do win.

nt win it. A harsh statistic on a man who has put in many a decent performance, but stats do not lie.

Where do we go from here? Firstly, we forgeT about todays performance, and put it down to experience. Secondly, we forget about next week´s game as well and, from here on, get our minds firmly focused on next Saturdays night out.”

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