Limp Performance From FCB Bunwer in Final Match Before Split

10/3/2012 Vinoteras

Banco de España 4-2 FCB Bunwer

Match Report by Michael Langan

FCB Bunwer Imagemade the short journey to Vinateros hoping to bring the curtain down convincingly on the first round of fixtures. While this game had the potential to be a real nerve jangler, FCB had already pipped Banco de España to the top 12. On account of this, rightly or wrongly, only one side really approached the game in the right fashion. FCB lined up Hutch, Ally, Mike, Kirky, Kiki Reece, Steve, Michael, Ishmael, Chaz and Nick Boyle. The game started at a slow pace, and looked every inch the dead ringer last weel’s results had rendered it. Having revamped their midfield and attack, FCB struggled to link the two components, and consequently left their forward men somewhat isolated. Coupled with a sluggishness in the centre of the park, FCB were somewhat fortuitous to grab an early lead after Reece finely turned in a poor wide free kick from Michael. While this lead settled FCB somewhat, they could not find any real rhythm, and any opportunities arose from set pieces and corners as opposed genuine creativity. Unfortunately, after 25 minutes, the sides were levelled after Banco de España equalised with a speculative effort. Although the game had now seen two goals, it bore witness to precious little quality, although FCB did restore their advantage after a thunderous twenty five yard free kick from Michael. Leading at half time, things turned a little nasty, and their was a sideline squabble to hasten the referee’s whistle.

The second half started as explosively (non-footballing-wise) as the first had ended, when Nick Boyle and his opponent were dismissed in the culmination of a squabble which had lasted all game. This merely exacerbated a disjointed performance from FCB, even if Nick was a little unlucky to see red. The game continued to crawl along at a snails pace, until a quickfire Banco de Espana double saw the game turned on its head, and FCB now chasing an equaliser. Although Binny, Ishmael and Reece were beginning to penetrate their markers a little more, it led to very little creativity as FCB continued to toil. Finally, with a mere five minutes left on the clock, a second speculative goal settled the affair and gave Banco de España three well deserved points. While FCB can take solace in the relative meaninglessness of the tie, it was a desperately poor second half performance and FCB left with exactly what they deserved. With a weeks break now before serious action resumes again, a major improvement is required if FCB are to avoid also ran status in the more competitive top 12 of the division.”
Goals: Reece, Michael
Assists: Reece, Michael

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