Edmund Keith

Now over the injuries he moaned about all of last season, but getting older and slower by the minute. To combat this and help not be demoted back to defender the former captain has taken up yoga which he’ll almost certainly use to bore anyone who’ll listen this season.

Interesting facts about Ed: Went a whole season as captain last season without some team-mates even noticing.

Jordan Maston

Think: Dean Windass
the futsal warrior aka The Chef, Jordan is a player than can play anywhere on the right or in centre defence. A tough talking, tackling lad from Hull, Jordan likes to play the honest way with some flair.

Andrew McLeod

The big Scot plays with his heart on his sleeve. Always working hard on the pitch and off it in the bar, Macca combines physicality with the odd cheeky nutmeg and is an important man in the dressing room. Another one who was part of the very successful defensive unit last term.

Interesting fact about Macca: He likes to shout. He’ll shout at you for not working hard enough. He’ll shout at you for not being well positioned. He’ll shout at Rami for shouting at you. He is a primary school teacher. Alongside the fact that he often embarrasses Ed at training.

James Williamson

Joseph Burke

Dorus Leenaarts

The handsome Dutchman might own his own fashion company and be part of one of Madrid’s shexshiest power couples, but that’s where the aesthetically pleasing stuff ends. This bloke doesn’t do nonsense and takes no prisoners.

Interesting fact about Dorus: Once unanimously won a man-of-the-match award for being sent off for getting aggy with a referee without having got on the pitch yet.

Ricky Pearson

The incorporation of the Welshman into FCB’s ranks this season means all countries of Britain are now represented on the pitch. Ricky is a rangy all-rounder who is a consummate footballer with a terrific attitude. Despite having the frame of a rugby player, the welshman gets up and down the wing with good speed, and even at this early stage of the season Ricky already looks like he’ll be a cornerstone of Rami and Fleck’s game plans.  

Interesting fact about Ricky: He rips his worn jeans.

Josue Delgado

What can you say about the ever so slightly nuts man in the net? He loves to listen to a bit of Regayton before he plays and can’t seem to get the fact that he needs to shout his name or keeper, not “MY BALL”. He has good feet, as the strikers who closed him down can attest to, because he loves going on a mazy run and leave his goals empty. He doesn´t normally lose it though. Quality keeper with great hands a fast reaction time he’s a real asset to the team and all round top lad.

Fun fact: The opposition have been known to send him viral videos of goalkeepers doing daft things before matches as he’s easily influenced.