FCB blunted by Maycometal

AFEN – Fraher

FC Británico

The game started off with a simple 4-4-2 formation thanks to Mike Basset (Fleck). From the beginning MAYCO´s game plan was simple, get free kicks or hit Javi with the long ball. The former worked soon into the first half when a soft challenge from Alex ended in a penalty and a yellow. The first of many “fouls” to come. Josue stepped up and in cat like fashion saved the ill-gotten penalty.  Still 0-0. FCB tried to break down the defense, but it was proving hard work as they were organized and motivated. The Stalemate continued for the first half with neither team looking likely to score even though the Brits had most of the ball. The FCB defense held out with Cris, Alex, Rama and Macca easily handling the attacking threats.


The second half began with FCB looking bright and fresh, passing was flowing and the break seemed to be coming, the woodwork was rocked a few times but no goals. Then disaster struck. Alex got a second yellow and an early shower. Fabian came into help out the back 3 and the attacking continued. A cross from a free kick saw MAYCO´s striker guide a glancing header into the far corner 1-0. Luigi came off for Foxy, Macca off for Liam and Alvaro for Ali. FCB continued to attack and show why they are champions. Sadly another set piece saw three unmarked men at the back post line up to put the ball in the net. A disappointing game ended 2-0 with the Brits wanting to respond in a strong fashion in the next fixture.

Man of the match: Josue Delgado
The Chris Parker miss of the match: Luigi