FC Britanico de Madrid is proud to announce the appointment of Graeme Beaty as Club Chairman

FC Britanico de Madrid took a hugely meaningful step forward in the pursuit of promotion and international recognition with the appointment of a new Chairman on Sunday the 29th of January 2012. After the sad departure last year of FCB Legend Gary Weir to London in aid of Scotland’s fight for independence, and Gary Lloyd to the warmer climes of Oman in a search for new markets and fresh talent, the good ship FCB has been adrift without a clear heading through the murky waters of Madrid’s football world.

“Hopefully this new appointment can help to build stronger foundations off the field which will allow the club to move forward on the field. It’s an exciting time for the club as we enter our 40th anniversary year.” – Said Regional manager Moran on Sunday afternoon once the good news had been leaked to the Spanish Press.

Football forums and phone-ins have been busy with excited chat about the future of the No 1 English speaking football club in Madrid.

In only its second season playing Regional level football FCB Regional finished an impressive 8th with 15 wins and a memorable 2-3 victory at the home of the champions to be in 2010/11, the Bunwar squad also did the club proud last year as they qualified easily for the playoffs before falling away slightly at the end due to injuries and absentees.

2011/12 has not lived up the great expectations laid down 6 months ago when the club wanted to build on the last two excellent years, with promotion for the Regional team and the cup for the Bunwar boys not seen as fanciful pipe dreams. There have been many reasons for the drop in form though lack of an overlord to ensure everything off the field is in order so that the players on the field have the best opportunity to perform was marked out as the chief concern.

This is all about to change as, after months searching the streets broad and narrow of Madrid, the FC Britanico de Madrid board pulled off a coup with the appointment of dashing Graeme Beaty as Club Chairman.

Graeme has built up invaluable experience in the UK business world as well as in Spain; with two successful companies already formed in Blighty he decided that Spain was the place to be and is working primarily as a teacher in the business environment while governing his projects back across the Bay of Biscay, which include englishwarehouse.com, while currently setting up a consultancy here in Madrid.

“We hope that the deeds and actions match the seriousness, enthusiasm and
sincerity shown by the new Chairman in his introductory speech.” –
Was the clear call for unity and for the club to pull together around Graeme Beaty from Bunwar Manager Rami Majid.

Graeme wears his football fanaticism proudly on his chest as the lifelong Arsenal fan looks to break up the northern monopoly at the top of FCB and bring some much needed North London cheer and flair to the current dower commonsense driven board; though it is well known that Football’s cradle of life was The North.

FC Britanico is principally a place where foreign footballers can come to meet likeminded expatriates and travellers as well as playing a high standard of football. As the club takes the next forward step there is a new sense that something big is happening in this small corner of the Spanish Capital.

“I am delighted; the appointment of Graeme Beaty shows the club’s commitment and dedication to succeeding both on and off the field. I strongly believe we will add a lot of value to the club. I am extremely excited to work with him. FORZA FCB” – Were the words of Lee Fletcher, a key component in the capture of such a high profile addition to the club.

This show of ambition by the club’s board needs hard work from all the members of the FCB Family for us to maintain the wind in our sails and put the club back on course. This is a rallying call to the entire club to train hard this week and turn this around this weekend.

Welcome to the FCB Family Graeme and we wish you the greatest success in your new role. We hope you enjoy the camaraderie and culture that has been created after 40years of football at this club and when Britanico is on a winning run there is no better place to be or bunch of lads to be involved with.

Many Congratulations.


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  1. Tony Baltierrez
    Tony Baltierrez
    5th February 2012 at 21:43

    Congratulations from periko britanik, we hope one day you will visit Kenilworth Road the cathedral of the British Football.

    Best of luck Graeme

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