Embutidos 0 -1 FCB Bunwer

It was a great start to the Saturday when we had all 16 players ready for the game at Moncloa at 8 in the morning. Manager Rami had been busy in the transfer market, searching Europe for fresh and exciting talent. They came in the form of 4 young Scotch men (with Tom we now looked like the Scotish national team but better, which face it is not hard 😉 )a French forward, a dutch full back fresh out of the river in Amsterdam and 3 fresh English lads. Excitement buzzed within the team. The line up was Hutch, Tom, Omar, Mike, Richard, Karim, Nick, Bini, Michael, Christian and Isma. Subs: Ernst, Terry, Charles, Alessandro and Benoit. Old faces to the Britanicos gave reassurance and that the would be comfortable playing in this team.

And boy they were right. Britanicos controlled the game from the off, keeping the ball on the group and linking play with slick passes. Nick and Scotch Mick controlled the centre of the park with Karim providing strength to the midfield.

The first opportunity came to Ish who ran a great angle and took a shot on goal to narrowly miss the target. Ish worked hard and continued to run angles and take on players (as usual) but could not pull the trigger and the chances passed by. Christian continued to battle up front and this paid off 20 mins into the game. Embutidos central midfield lacked speed to give the ball and (Nick) attacked him and executed a great challenge (Omar and Ojo were proud) giving it to (Chris) who laid off to (Michael) who took a shot which slipped past the keeper! 1 nil FCB!!! Fantastic goal which had paid off for many chances.

Confidence was brimming however this seem to reflect in our play. Giving the ball away to many times and silly challenges let Embutidos attack FCB. It took a valiant effort from the back 4 of Tom, Omar, Ojo and Rich to keep us in the game. However, it was Hutch who really kept us in the game with some unbelievable saves and confident, excellent hands when we really need it the most. The whole team eventually pulled together to ride out the storm and come into half time the score line the same 1 nil.

Rami gave the instruction to keep calm and play football the right way and keep possession. This again seemed to get lost as players gave the ball away easily and tried hollywood passes which allowed Embutidos to attack once again. Mid way through the half the golden opportunity came to kill the game. Ish took on a host of players and played 1 2 with Scotch Mick, Ish was now one on one with the keeper. But to everyone surprise Ish decided to pass the ball to Chris but it was not strong enough!! NOOO! Opportunity gone! Ish hung his head! The players gave him confidence and encouraged him to concentrate and keep going.

Embutidos came again attacking but had also resorted to dirty tactics diving and trying to claim fouls! The referee listen to their moaning a few times to the dissatisfaction of the FCB players.

FCB tried to take them on the break with excellent skill and shooting from Bini, come close a few times. Beniot also had a excellent attempted at goal when on the break to again shoot narrowly wide.

As Embutidos attacked and attacked but great saves from Hutch and tackles from Ojo and Omar kept us the lead.

The referee sounded the final whistle much to the delight of the FCB players and staff!

3 points in the bag and a great display of heart and determination. At times this was a master class of football from FCB. However, a lot needs improving on which Rami is aware of. With the 3 points it is 4 from 6 with is not a bad result and we can only see improvements from this exciting team.


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