FC Británico v Cervezas Mahou

The game started with the cry from the captain being “We owe these lads a horrible afternoon.” An unchanged back line started well and dealt with any incursions into their territory. Dave was attacking down the right-hand side with impunity and Dorus just gave him his space to do so. On one of his voyages forward, Dave felt something go and had to be subbed off with a calf strain. Foxy coming on to attack through the middle and Dorus was given leave to attack. Sean and Fabian were working well to snuff out attacks and counter with speed through Luigi and Joe. It was working and the goal seemed to be not far away. A handball gave the ref no choice but to point to spot. Sadly Sean went down the middle and the keeper didn’t move. 0-0. As the half dragged on the nervous feeling that a repeat of the previous fixture could be on the cards.

Half time 0-0

The second half started in a vibrant and energetic way. The Brits broke the deadlock around 59 mins through some great teamwork finishing with Ed slotting in the ball for Luigi who took his chance and made it 1-0. The second came not long after when joe broke free and the offside flag remained down this time. 2-0. The floodgates had been opened and red shirts were rampaging forward with renewed vigour. Fresh blood was needed and Luis came on for Joe, Macca for Sean and Pete for Dorus. Six minutes later Lluis set up foxy and he got the ball on the edge of the area. With Fabian in acres of space (and without a goal in his FCB career) foxy decided to shoot, he made it count but Fab was still a little heartbroken. The ball sailed into the corner. 3-0. Mahou rallied and managed to lob Yousef from the edge of the area 3-1. The midfield continued to dominate, Macca even pulling off a nutmeg that had their e bench in an uproar. The Brits were playing well, Callum going forward and setting up Macca for a close chance. Then Luis got his first goal and celebrated in his almost “unique” style. 4-1.

Full time 4-1
Man of The Match – Ricky Pearson
Miss of the match – Joe Simmons
Quote of the match – ‘Up it up boys’ – Rami Majid