Renfe: Estación Vallecas (Línea C1)
Metro: Estación Villa de Vallecas (Línea 1)
Líneas de Autobuses: 54 / 58 / 103 / 142 / 143 / 145.
Address: Nuestra Señora de la Torre, calle Puerto de Reinosa, 28031 Madrid

FC Británico v Bar Castilla’s

An 11am kick off in Vallecas saw FCB take on title rivals Bar Castilla’s. The lads knew that a result against their longtime rivals would take them a step closer to the elusive Clausura title. The XI selected by Rami to do the job were:


The away side were replete with quality, several of the men in fluorescent yellow had not been seen playing in the Bunwer league before and reportedly played as high up the Spanish football pyramid as Segunda B. Their quality showed straight away as they were able to two-touch their way out of intense early pressure applied by the Brits. The away side enjoyed the majority of possession in the opening exchanges but only really threatened once from a corner. Though the reliable Brits defence was keeping up its side of the bargain in the early stages, their attack was failing to create openings at the other end.

Something had to give in this clash of Bunwer titans, and it duly did as ironically a decision by the referee not to blow for offside led to a goal against the men in red. In the eyes of the man with the whistle the opposition striker had beaten the offside trap and despite Ed getting back to narrow the angle he cleverly chipped the ball between defender and goalkeeper for his strike partner to tap in from close range. The next chance of note was to be the home side’s best of the game as Luigi got in behind and managed to smuggle an effort over a diving defender and onto the bar. Following up, Ed could only direct his shot against the keeper from a tight angle and from the second rebound Ricky blazed over. Heads in hands all around!

1-0 at halftime, but the lads went in positive and kept believing that their chance would come.

The start of the second half saw Britanico’s best phase of the match, and briefly, they were camped in the opposition half having their probing attacks repelled by their experienced opponents. The game changed however when Omar bundled over an opposition midfielder in the box with his back to goal. Some might have called it harsh, others deserved, what was certain though was that it was a needless challenge and that the referee pointed to the spot. The left-footed midfielder picked himself up and duly slotted past Jorge to make it 2-0 to Castilla.

Things were only to get worse from here as Majid’s men grew increasingly desperate and started to run out of ideas and possession. The final goal of the game came as Rama took out the opposition striker in the box giving away another penalty and was sent off for his troubles for being the last man. Again, the red card was somewhat harsh in this observer’s opinion, but the outcome 0-3 to the away side was no more than their assured possession and calm demeanour deserved (apart from their coach who made sure that for once that The-Most-Disgruntled-and-Animated-Manager-of-the-day Award™ didn’t go hands down to Rami).

Despite bringing on Bruiser, Big-D and new signing Ronald, the men in red could not salvage anything from a game in which they were outclassed. No room for error now as FCB have to win all 4 of their remaining games to be crowned champions.

Man of the match: Jorge Pires
Quote of the match: Rami Majid “To be as crisp as a lettuce”

FC Británico de Madrid v AFEN – Fraher

Británicos first fixture in May was going to be a tough test for the Brits. Fraher always bring a strong team with good technical quality, strength and a goal threat.  Británicos very much want to have control of their own destiny in the hunt for the title this season and this meant beating the top teams, like Fraher this weekend. With the Bunwer League going into its final two months, Rami had a clear message: “we have 7 match balls left to play for!” Yes, you read that correctly. Albeit with some of our questionable finishing at times, we do get through our fair share of match balls but only 7 left made sure the team knew they could not waste today’s match ball and a chance of 3 points against our title rivals.

The selection for today experimented with a number of new positions for Britanicos and one position, in particular, being introduced to the football world for the first time ever. Jorge started in goal who was heaped with praise for missing a family communion, which I gather is somewhat important. Captain Ed was playing in the revolutionary false right back role; centre backs were Rama and Ricky (who under strict instructions was not allowed to mark, tackle or even go near their striker as only Rama could do this) and Harry at left back to complete the back four. The three central midfielders were Fabian, Matt and Calum. Mathias started on the left of the attack, with Joe down the middle and Ish on the right but sort of central but just to the right but central enough to allow our false right back to overlap.

Británicos started brightly at Vallecas playing some tidy football. The build-up play from the defence was good and the midfield had comfortable possession through the early stages. Chances were rare for both sides but Britanicos were certainly on top. Matt nearly ran through from deep in midfield but a miscontrol before the last defender wasted the best early opportunity. Eventually, Britanicos possession paid off after 30 minutes with the ball breaking to Ish on the attack who curled the ball into the top corner with some style. This goal was crucial to release the pressure and give confidence to the men in red. Halftime: a good half from the boys who had the lead and had not given Fraher any chances so far.

The second half was a very different story. Británicos had an unusually slower second half with much less of the ball. At times it felt like attack against defence. A combination of Fraher keeping the ball well and Britanicos not using the counter-attack to full effect meant the Brits had their backs against the wall. Again, this half did not have many clear chances at all. Some questionable decisions and bookings from the referee frustrated Britanicos with nothing coming off throughout the half. Mathias and Joe were replaced with Luigi and Doris to sure up the defence and provide some needed energy. Calum had one final chance in last 5 minutes to be sure of the win but hit it straight at the keeper. In the end, it would not matter as Britanicos saw out the win. Vital three points. Who doesn’t love a 1-0 win?! One match ball down six to go exclaimed Rami in the changing room! Well done chaps!