FC Británico vs AAPLA


Date Time League Season Full Time
22nd February 2020 10:30 Liga Bunwer (Clausura) 2019-2020 90'


FC Británico266Win


The Británico Boys do it again with another dominating performance that demonstrated their want to be champions of the league. Showcasing their cool, collective demeanour they were just too much for AAPLA.

The fantastic first came from the man in-form himself Lewis Jones, who leapt into action with classy control and sharp finish that left the goalkeeper stunned and questioning where his defenders where. With a tiki-taka masterclass, the boys continued to hold up possession effortlessly, finding the passing lanes and turning the opposition defenders inside out. The second came as Vico Sanchez’s shot was deflected right into the path of ‘Captain America’ Erik Quevedo who scissor kicked the ball into an open net.

The first half domination came to an end just before half time however after a rather soft free-kick decision was hammered home by the opposition, stunning Jorge who dived to try and stop it but just couldn’t do enough.

After stern words at halftime from Coach Rami, the Boys opened after halftime, motivated to continue their unbeaten run. The first step towards this was incredible build-up play between Vico, Luismi, and John who pressed through and Vico calmly slotted it into the bottom corner once again putting another nail in the coffin. It wasn’t long before it became four as a sensational low cross from Calum Cant found the boot of Lewis who stroked it in between the stretched goalkeepers extended arms.

When back in full swing the boys are unplayable and this was shown by slick passes between the defence and midfield that broke the opposition and then it was only a matter of time before a ball from Vico found the feet of Calum who twisted and turned in the box before banging it past the goalkeeper for a fantastic fifth. It wasn’t long before the tap-in king John Jarret got in on the action by rifling it in from 18 yards out to extend the lead to 6-1 destroying the opponents hope for any sort of come back.

When the boys stick together, they can do anything. The solidarity and passion for the team contributes to the winning mindset and spirit that makes them the unbeatable force they are. Well done boys.

Reporter: Jack Cooke 

Man of the Match: Macca
Dick of the day: John Jarrett for walking backwards into the bench and smacking his head
Goal of the Game: Calum Cant

FC Británico

1Jorge Pires Goalkeeper
2Liam Creedon Midfielder
3Joe ‘Con Limón’ Price 14 Midfielder
4Jimmy Jones Defender
5Gonzalo Yaya Defender
7Luis Miguel Del Risco Torres 15 Midfielder
8Calum Cant Midfielder 67'
9Lewis Jones Forward 28', 62'
10Alejandro ‘Vico’ Sanchez Midfielder 51'
11Erik ‘EQ’ Quevedo 12 Midfielder 41'
12John Jarrett 11 Forward 79'
13Andrew McLeod 17 Defender
14Luigi Bosetti 3 Midfielder
15Josh Glean 7 Defender
16Edmund Keith Midfielder
17Colin Matthaei 13 Defender
  6 4 2


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Las Cocheras
Calle San Lamberto, 21, 28017 Madrid, España