FC Británico v Unión Selección

Stretching the unbelievable winning streak to 21 games, the Británico Boys rolled over the pressure of Unión Selección and with cool heads claimed another essential victory.

With two fantastic back lines it took a while for the Brits to break through the opposition defence but the first goal came in classy style, 20 minutes in as Luismi powered past three players to slide the ball through to Lewis Jones, who took a touch and thundered it home straight into the bottom right corner.

However, it wasn’t long before the game was marred by the first refereeing mistake as an extremely soft free kick was given to Union who lofted it into the midfield and converted from a header making it one a piece. Again, not long after another soft decision against the Brit boys led to a penalty for the opposition. The Unión strike made no mistakes and sent keeper Josue the wrong way making the game 2-1 to Union Selección.

A few minutes before half time, some brilliant technical play by Calum Cant led him into the area, where he was fouled by the opposition leading to a penalty for the Brit Boys. It was danger man Lewis who stepped up to the spot and calmly smashed it into the back of the net, equalising just before the whistle blew for halftime.

A stern word from calm coach Rami at half time seemed to do the trick as the boys came out blazing into the second half with Briggers converting the first of the second half with a tap in, breaking the deadlock, 5 minutes in. After a build up of terrible challenges and a boiling point coming to the forefront of the match it was only more frustration for Unión Selección, as a brilliant break from Briggers and a lovely ball to Jimmy led to an open net. As Jimmy attempted to flick it over the defender, the defender blocked it with both hands as if he were Steve Cook. A straight red obviously? No the ref had a shocker and didn’t send the defender off, marking another terrible decision and pushing the game to breaking point, which caused a small clash in between both sets of players, the brits keeping their heads whilst Unión Selección crumbled and turned to insults to serve as a scapegoat for their own shortcomings. But nevertheless, penalty given and once again in stunning fashion, Lewis the welsh hero, powered it into the back of the net. Wales, Hattrick, Madrid, in that order.
The brits now controlling the game with slick passes, frustrating the opposition who conceded foul after foul for poorly timed challenges and petty tackles, scored again in the last fifteen with superb play from Luismi taking a solo run, storming through the opposition backline and firing an absolute bullet into the bottom corner and ending the game 5-2 to FCB.

Another stunning performance from the lads, despite terrible refereeing decisions and frustrated opponents, the Brits once again demonstrated class and skill to wound the opponents and claim another vital win.
Britanico’s top of the league, sensational.
Man  of the Match – Luismi
Dick of the Day – Lewis