Metro: Vinateros (Línea 9)
Líneas de Autobuses: 30, 32
Address: Avenida Doctor Garcia Tapia, 117, 28030 Madrid

C.D. Banco de España v FC Británico de Madrid

Before I begin I would like to thank our loyal and avid readers, without you this match report would be pointless and only read by curious players from FCB, so we humbly thank you.

The game started with slight changes in the lineup from the previous week’s loss and a change in kit, Rami deciding to bring the older away kit sporting a sponsor that no longer exists. The back line consisted of Jorge, Pete, Rama, Ricky and Ed who valiantly made the effort despite his struggling lungs. The midfield had Oscar, Mati, Dave and Sean. Up top, we had the return of Joe and Luigi. The surface was delightful and the size of the pitch suited the fit men in red and white.  Some great passing was on display and the Brits were favouring the left wing for attack, much to Dave’s annoyance, and passing combos were frequent. The deadlock was finally broken after 30 mins of sparring and great defence on both sides, a defensive error let both Dave and Joe get into position to score, Joe won the footrace to the ball and slotted it home. 0-1. The opposition bench began to show signs of worry as they had confrontations with the referee, never a positive situation in this league. Two management staff sent to the stands and a slightly bewildered FCB bench looked on and all had the same thought, “How was Rami the well-behaved coach?” The game remained tight and play continued much as it had until the end of the half.

Half Time

The second half opened with Ricky making a tackle in the area and the referee giving a dubious decision and pointing to the spot. Their player calmly did the business and we were all level. 1-1. Renewed purpose hit FCB and they rallied. Rama came close a few times from dead ball positions, Mati delivering some very inviting balls into the box. Oscar then dribbled into the box and set up Dave who burst the net with his finish. 1-2. Rama came close for a second time as he hit the bar and Sean failed to net the rebound. A compact defence meant that FCB could hit them on the counter which is what happened when Dave got the ball in his own half and played a through ball to Joe who beat the keeper and his best efforts to bring him down to calmly score into an open goal. 1-3. Rami made some changes and emptied the bench with ten minutes left, Ady coming on for an injured Luigi, Macca coming on for Pete and Sam on for Joe. This did not affect the cohesion of the team as the defence was tight and the attack threatening, right to the end. Mati crossed the ball in and some much improved attacking from crosses bore some fruit, Rama made it third time lucky and a towering header wooshed past a helpless keeper. 1-4.

Full time

Men of the match: Rama, Joe and Oscar
Quote of the Match: “You heard what Rami said before the game!” (Give the ball to me) – Dave Kane
Miss of the Match: Rama


C.D. Banco de España v FC Británico de Madrid

FCB ended a hugely enjoyable season against Banco de Espana at Urbis on a day that promised temperatures more likely to be found in the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia than on a football pitch in Europe. Despite the threat of their pallid complexions being turned a nuclear pink the lads were in great spirit and if any of them were hungover they were hiding it well. A starting XI of stand-in goalkeeper Jorge, Dorus, Rama, Ricky, Ed, Ben, Fabian, Luigi, Joe, Sean and Dave took to the field with their mission clear: win the game, finish the league in third place and lay down a marker for next season!

Having tripped in the warm up, Sean was feeling his ankle straight away and had to be replaced inside ten minutes and his compatriot Dave followed shortly after and for once this season the British team were briefly without a Scot on the pitch! It didn’t matter a jot, as Joe converted from the spot shortly after the injuries before missing another one against the inside of the post. The second came soon after, after Fabian was generously allowed to take a free-kick straight against the wall, Luigi hit the underside of the bar with the rebound and Joe poached his second of the game as the keeper looked for the ball in the sky. Halftime saw a Churchillian speech from the departing midfield linchpin Ben Precious and plenty of fluids being taken on as the temperature climbed like Rami’s heart rate during a penalty shootout.

In a day marred by some terrible free kicks Luigi’s dead-ball effort shortly after the restart, which he claims was a shot rather than the more prudent cross from the position, put the boys 3-0 and on easy street not that you’d have known it from the imploring cajoling figure of Majid on the touchline. The opposition in truth did not threaten from open play all afternoon and showed their age, brittleness and lack of dignity in defeat throughout bristling at the referee and FCB players on several occasions for perceived slights and what the rest of the sport playing world would consider ‘tonterias’. The dominant team, now making the men in blue run around and chase shadows, went 4-0 up soon after through another Luigi goal, and then 5 to the good thanks to a nice Foxy header. Goals 6 and seven from Luigi and Luke respectively had the opposition manager and players literally begging the referee to end the game early and brought to a conclusion the first part of the day for the club as a resounding 7-0 win thanks to which FCB took 3rd place for the first time in the club’s history! The second half of the day was to come later as the boys celebrated with some cold ones and some prime beef before handing out awards, high fives and hugs and reflecting on a job well done and a season thoroughly enjoyed by all. Bring on the 2017-18 temporada!

Goal of the game: Luigi (who else?)
Miss of the game: Too many to choose from. For this writer’s money Dorus’s one on one was priceless though.
Man of the Match: Can’t remember. Everyone played well. Probably Ricky.